Pickleball Magazine 2-6 - Page 75

PICKLEBALL SERVE is an unthinking and uninterrupted series of perfect motions leading to predetermined winning outcomes. However, there are a few good athletes who, for some unexplained reason, begin to misfire. Most notably this syndrome has been the end of more than one good athlete, especially golfers. They simply could no longer putt. We have all heard the definition of insanity—“doing the same thing over and over again expecting…” Well, you know the rest of this little ditty. But I think there is a whole lot of validity to its logic. A pickleball player must be willing to learn to deal with a problem serve and change it on the fly. When you are serving on any particular day and it begins to go south, be prepared to make a change in your approach to your serve. Convince yourself this change is just temporary, because, for this day, the only way you are going to have a chance at winning is to get your serve to bounce in that box on the opposite side of the court. I certainly agree with all those who say to relax, breathe, slow down, regain your rhythm, etc. But for those who suddenly become afflicted with a problem serve, be prepared to make a change. I call it “fool the brain and confound the muscles.” Serve the pickleball a different way. Using the legal definition and motion of the pickleball serve, try a slice serve or topspin serve. Try a modified lob serve or even a good high lob serve. Get radical and try a backhand serve. If you are brave enough, like my men’s partner, serve with your opposite hand. Of course, to make this change on the fly you will have had to practice various types of serves. Good pickleball players have three or four distinctly different types of serve they can call upon in the moment or as conditions dictate. So, i ԁȁȁѹȁѼ͕ɽ͕ٔ)ɕѼѡЁé͕ѱQɕ Qɕѡ)ȁ͕٥ѕՔQЁ)ݥqѡɅչѡ͍ϊtչ)ѡЁѼѡͥєȁ݅Ѽ٥ѽ)ٔ݅́՝ٔո)M!=\1=Y=HQ!MA=IP)]=5858)QɹЁٕ́Qɽ(ѭЁͥ́ȁ5])ܹݕ乍)4h$8)MU M I% 9=\)PQ!A% -1 115 =4)QUIL+%%Սѥ$䁽ѡ) ѕ)5Ѡ+%Qɹ+$AȁAɽ)Mձ́%ѥѥ)Iձ+$Iձ́D)Q]<]eLQ<=IH(ĸ I%P I(Ÿ͍ٕ́Ȱ5ѕɍɐ) иȸ(ȸ ! ,(5́光Ѽ)ɐAՉ͡(ā5٥܁I ͉ɜA)9=Y5 H 5 H܁)5i%9(