Pickleball Magazine 2-6 - Page 14

JOEL PRITCHARD MARK FRIEDENBERG On November 10, just prior to the start of the USAPA National Championships, history was made as the first six Pickleball Hall of Fame inductees were announced and honored at the inaugural Pickleball Hall of Fame banquet. Inductees were presented with Pickleball Hall of Fame rings and jackets, and the audience heard inductees and presenters share how pickleball was invented and how each of them has contributed to the game. A video showing the history and timeline of pickleball and tributes to the inductees was also shown. Additional information about the Pickleball Hall of Fame inductees can be found at www.pickleballhalloffame.com. SID WILLIAMS BARNEY McCALLUM The Pickleball Hall of Fame is a nonprofit corporation that relies on player contributions as well as contributions from companies involved in the sport. It is documenting history while honoring those who excel on the court and provide outstanding leadership and contributions. Nominations for the 2018 Pickleball Hall of Fame induction will open January 1. Visit the website for details. ARLEN PARANTO The Pickleball Hall of Fame would like to thank the generous players who donated a minimum of $100 to become a recognized Supporter of the Pickleball Hall of Fame as well as our generous sponsors listed below. BILLY JACOBSEN