Pickleball Magazine 2-3 - Page 8

FROM THE USAPA NEW USAPA MEMBER REWARDS LAUNCHES NOW MEMBERS SAVE ON HOTELS, RENTAL CARS AND DINING O ne of the more common questions USAPA receives from new players looking to join is, “What do I get for my membership?” Until recently, a $20 USAPA annual membership included the following: • FREE e-mailed copies of Pickleball Magazine (6 per year) • 50% discount (off cover price) of mailed subscription of Pickleball Magazine • $10 discount on USAPA Net System • Seasonal discounts on USAPA merchandise • Sponsor discounts on pickleball merchandise • USAPA e-Newsletter (6 per year) • Member Upgrade discounts (optional USAPA discount products members can select during the online registration process) • Secondary Medical Insurance for USAPA-sanctioned tournaments • Printable USAPA membership card • Access to member-only content and programs on the USAPA website 6 BY JUSTIN MALOOF USAPA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Now, however, your $20 USAPA membership also includes the new USAPA Member Rewards program! The new benefits package is a AAA-style rewards program that gives discounts on nationwide hotels, rental cars and dining options. In addition, all current sponsor discounts (USAPA nets, manufacturer discounts, etc.) have been added to the Member Rewards “Shopping” category. The “Travel” category opens a more detailed Expedia-style search for hotels, rental cars and even cruise discounts. Members who have used USAPA Rewards thus far for hotels have reported savings of over $100 off traditional public travel sites—not bad for a $20 member fee! All members are encouraged to log into their USAPA account and experience the program. Non-members also have the ability to explore the discounts to see how it works. Simply go to usapa.org/usapa-rewards. • TO SUBSCRIBE CALL 888.308.3720 OR GO TO THEPICKLEBALLMAG.COM