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through the pain, but ended up collapsing on the court due to a pulled muscle. Fifteen minutes were allowed for injury time, but Sachin couldn’t recover that quickly, so the pair decided to forfeit. The incident proved very lucky for Anand/Siddharth, who went on to overcome Dr. Bharat/Ashwani to become the men’s doubles gold medalists. This was a fairy tale ending for the pair, who had lost the first set 11-0 due to nerves, then regained their composure to beat the favored pair of Dr. Bharat/Ashwani 11-0, 9-11, 4-11. The mixed doubles finals came down to Cable/Fang vs. Niraj/Megha. The Thai pair was very aggressive and won the first set 11-4, then Niraj/Megha pulled up their socks and won the second set against all odds. The final set was an epic one, with Megha in particular pushing herself to the limit, but it wasn’t enough to save the team. Cable and Fang kept their nerves to win the third set, and with that, mixed doubles gold. The final scores were 11-4 , 5-11 and 11-5. The women’s doubles had a different format: Instead of fixed partners, the players had a chance to partner with and against every other player over several matches. It was a unique experience, with the results declared on an individual basis. Thai pickler Fang was declared the winner based on overall points, with Rekha from India nabbing second. Each participating player received a certificate, and the winners were given gold/silver/bronze medals with t-shirts as mementos. Thanks to the Bangkok Open, many players from India and Thailand developed a mutual respect for one another. During the closing ceremony, I expressed the desire to set up an Asian Federation of Pickleball—a wish that was applauded by all players present.  • Special thanks to the folks at PickleballCentral Blog for their assistance in pulling this article together (blog.pickleballcentral.com). PRACTICE BETTER. PLAY BETTER. 888-366-4711 OnCourtOffCourt.com GAME CHANGERS PICKLENET NEW IMPROVED in 2017 Daniel Moore, 5-time Nat’l Champion l Portable, affordable, durable l Fast and easy setup Scott Moore 12-time Nat’l Champion l Patented oval design l PickleNet Deluxe option l Official net of the USAPA Exclusive US distribution by OnCourt OffCourt PICKLEBALL TUTOR “The most sturdy, easy-to-assemble net we have ever used.” Official ball machine of the 2017 US Open Pickleball Championships Courtesy of PickleballCentral.com PORTABLE l POWERFUL Visit PickleballTutor.com, OnCourtOffCourt.com or any of our resellers for hundreds more game-changing products. MAY/JUNE 2017 | MAGAZINE 59