Pickleball Magazine 2-3 - Page 57

BETTER DOUBLES TEAM TIP #2 Jennifer: People ask me all the time, “Where should I hit the ball?” In doubles, you want to look for holes and fill them. For example, if there’s a big gap in the middle, you hit it there. If there’s a big gap down the line, you hit it there. So, think about how you can visually fill in the holes made by your opponents and find a perfect placement for the ball. Rusty: That’s your Pickleball 411 for today. Thank you so much to Alex and Jen for sharing those great tips on improving your doubles game. And now there’s only one thing left to do, and that’s go play! To watch the complete video version of this article including Alex and Jennifer in action as well as other great pickleball videos, visit Pickleball Channel online. TIP #3 Alex: The third hint that will really help any doubles team is to move together. When you’re at the base line, you move forward together. And when you’re at the kitchen line, you move left and right together. Alex: If you don’t do that, you’ll create open holes for your opponents to hit through. So, to decrease the holes, move together. To receive weekly pickleball videos and instruction, consider becoming a subscriber of Pickleball Channel. It’s free! Visit pickleballchannel.com/subscribe. Special Thanks to: Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner  • Rusty Howes is the Executive Producer and creator of Pickleball Channel. Rusty worked for the likes of Warner Bros and Disney before creating Pickleball Channel to develop and provide fantastic, professional video content for the pickleball community. He is deeply involved in promoting the sport of pickleball at home and across the country. MAY/JUNE 2017 | MAGAZINE 55