Pickleball Magazine 2-3 - Page 53

MCGUFFIN Tyson W PLAYER PROFILE Doubling Down on the Court hen Yaki- ma, Wash- ington, tennis pro Tyson McGuffin first came to pick- leball, he came as a tennis player. Now that he has more than a few gold medals for singles playing under his belt, McGuffin has come to realize that the real chal- lenge in pickleball is in doubles play, where gold has been elusive for many with a tennis mindset. “I think a lot of tennis players can relate to the transition I had,” McGuffin said. “Singles was an easy transition for me. My tennis background is to play fast. I have a crafty, slice and dice game, and for pickleball, that was a good transition.” But, when he started playing, that speed and samurai style of play seemed out of place during his first matches at his local YMCA on a gym floor with a judge ball, surround- ed by 60-plus senior players. “I kind of thought pickleball was a little goofy when I first started out,” he said. “I had no idea there were tourna- ments, or younger guys for that matter, in this sport. And then, when it came to doubles, I was a 5.5 tennis player coming in and losing to 4.5 pickleball players in their 60s. Playing doubles was definitely the toughest transition for me.” Slowing down an aggressive player who’s coming from the world of tennis is more of a mental stretch than any- thing, one that many players never overcome. McGuffin came face-to-face with that reality and had a decision to make: wrap his head around the doubles game or remain in singles. He chose the former, but it wa ۸&]X\K'HY^H[YH^Hۋ^Hܚ[XX[ ۘ[]Hۈ[H[[X\\[[B[^HYܙ\]K8'HHZY 8']HXYYY ]^HY]] Y\H[] Y\H]Bٝ\وX\[H[YH\[]\Y] 'B[[H\\[[HYY]\H[\[˜[\[X[\وH\]X][ۋXY[ZY]8&\[H[[X[Y\“Z[\\Y[[X]Y[H\]\\[\\X]X[ [\[\^Y\]و\Y]XوH[YH[HXY[\\˂'Z[[H\\\YX[ \XX[H܈B]ؚYHZ[[\]\[۝X[HYH[[[ێH\]H\]H^YY\\Yܙ\B]KH^YYH[YH^KHYH[YH[YH[Kš]8&\Y[Y\[[][]\]\[KH^YY\Z[\[\YX\[HXY\][\žYX\]8&\Y[X[ܝ[]H][[x&]BX\YH8%[x&[]YXHHH\]][ۋx&[HXX[Hݚ[X\X]\HH[وۛš^K'B]\XY[[X[\HXZ[\܂[\[\[HXYXܝ\\ۙHوHX\X[\[HY[ۋ[ۙHوH LX[\[H[K^x&\H\][[[وH\\][ۘ[\[Y[[X[[H]H\]\^H[\Z[HX]]^HH۞Hۈ]\[KB[ۜZHHT['\X\[Y\]H[[Y[\H]\8'BXY[ZY 8'x&]HۙHH\\Yܙ\]H[ B[H[[\[[[ˈ][H[ B[x&\HXYY[HY\X[ۋx&\HؘXH[H]H]ZXHYܙ\]HYZ[H]\X[\HYY\\[H\[\X[]X[Z]B]H[ܙK]ݙ\[ x&]HۙHX[H[ 'B[ \H[\\ۜܙY[\XY[\œ]ZXY]H][Hو^Hx&\X\YBXX[\[]Y[܈[HXۈHY[\[\\ \[[H^]]XX[Z[[\[\[YK'HY[ZH^H[[[\]HY[][HY\]\H[8&\[ݚ[[XX[ ]Y[][B[\ݙ\[XX[ۜ[YY 8'HHZY 8'ۘH[][Kx&[[H]H]Xۈ[\^\]]8&\X\HܜX H[YY [ؚ[]H]H] Z[]ZXݙ\[ [Z[ۈ^H\]H[[]\[XX[ Y[x&\H^Z[[[Y[B\[XX[ ][ۛHY[\[YK'H08(PVKҕSH MPQVSBL