Pickleball Magazine 2-3 - Page 37

US OPEN PICKLEBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS US Open Winners of Women’s Doubles Pro Corrine Carr and Simone Jardim a whole. The tent covers the county’s outdoor pickleball arena year round. When the Open is done, the bleachers come out and there are five permanent pickleball courts for community use. The space is also used to house the Pickleball Academy, taught by Simone Jardim. “It’s definitely an asset to the players and the spectators,” Graham said. “We had 1,000 people in that court Friday and Saturday. We were sold out, and a lot of that success had to do with a build-up of people coming into that area and seeing how unique and comfortable it was.” That crowd was privy to some of the best pickleball the world has to offer, with players like Simone Jardim winning the Women’s Singles Pro, the Doubles Pro and the Mixed Doubles Pro, Ben Johns winning the Men’s Pro Singles, and more. During timeouts and intermissions, the crowd was entertained by musical acts that got them on their feet, something that’s unique to the spor وXX[ 'XX[\HX[ܝ 8'HܘZ[HZY 8'[H[^H  \[]H[ H]H\˜\]]]H\وH[YHZ[ۈۙ][BXX[[[\^Z[]H[[\\H\ۘ\ ]\HY[[x&\HܙX][ˈB۸&]ۛ[\][ܙKH^Y\܈X]ܜ˂[H[[H[\[ۜ\\[[H\BZ[[X\X\^x&\H][H\ H[H]BZ[]HH\][[Y[H^Y\˂\x&\[]\[H[Y[][]\X^Z[˜[YZ[[[ۙH[[ˈ]8&\\H[][\K'B[\YۚYX[[HH[H\YX\[YYHY\[[۞H[H]\^HYYܙHBY[&\[[X[YY MY\\[[[Y\“[ܙH[ K ^Y\]X\Yٙ\[H\BوHYZX \\XZ[H]\܈B][ [YYHZY ]YZX]]K]\\YX\ܘZ[H[\^[]H]ܚو][[\[Y\[[ݙ\Y[ٙXX[\HXYHX]HX] 'HY[][Y\YX\H\YX\\HYKH\YX\\^[Y[H[[K\“\\[H\[YHوHYX\8'HBZY 8'\YX\HYܙX]X[ۋHYH\H[ۋ]]\š\][H]\H[BXX\H MH[HY\ۋ\YX\H[H[Y\Z[[\HYYX\Hݙ\[\\ 'BY\[HٙXX[ۛB\XYHX\]K L \X[[YHX\H]ق[Z]Y[HT[]œXX[8&\[\]H[\\\•T[[\وY[&\X\[HX]\[]HZ[XPVKҕSH MӕSQQPQVSB