Pickleball Magazine 2-3 - Page 26

THE RULES GURU The Rules Guru RULES Q AND A You can submit your questions to rules@thepickleballmag.com for consideration in an upcoming column. BY CHRISTINE BARKSDALE, USAPA MANAGING DIRECTOR OF COMPETITION Q: Dear Rules Guru, In a recent tournament match we had a line judge make a couple of close calls that went against our opponent. One of our opponents wanted the line judge to be replaced. The referee said no, and gave the team a warning. Was this correct? A: IFP Rule 14.L Removal of a Referee or Line Judge states, “A referee or line judge may be removed when both players in singles or both teams in doubles agree to the removal, or at the discretion of the Tournament Director. In the event that the removal of a referee or line judge is requested by only one player or team and not agreed to by the other player or team, then the Tournament Director may accept or reject the request.” In your scenario, since only one player requested the removal of the line judge, the referee was correct to deny the request. Without knowing all the details, the warning may have been issued if the player who requested the removal continued to argue with the referee. The proper thing to do would have been to calmly ask the referee if he/she could overrule the line judge, or to speak to the Tournament Director to address the concern. Keep in mind that most referees and line judges are non- paid volunteers who are doing their very best to help the players have a fun and fair game. 24 Q: Dear Rules Guru, I was playing a match in a tournament when my opponent caught the ball during the rally and said the ball was cracked. The referee let her toss the ball out and replay the point with a new ball. Was this acceptable? A: No, the player who caught the ball during the rally and stopped play would have committed a fault according to IFP Rule 12.D. Other Rules: Broken or Cracked Ball, which states, “Play continues until the end of the rally. If, in the judgment of the referee, a broken or cracked ball affected the outcome of the rally, the referee shall call a replay.” In this instance, the rally was not continued and the player was not allowed to stop play. Q: Dear Rules Guru, Can a player question an out call made by one member of the opposition when the other member is silent? The other player was in a better position to make the call. A: According to IFP Rule 6.D.5: “No player should question an opponent’s call unless asked (except that any player may appeal a call to the referee in an officiated match). A player should ask the opponent if the opponent was in a better position to see the call. An opponent’s opinion, if requested, shall be accepted. The opinion of a player looking down the line is more likely to be accurate than one looking across the line.” In your example, yes, you may ask the opponent’s partner if he/she clearly saw the ball. In doing so, that player’s response must be accepted. If the partner did not see the ball, then the call made by his/her partner stands. TO SUBSCRIBE CALL 888.308.3720 OR GO TO THEPICKLEBALLMAG.COM