Pickleball Magazine 2-3 - Page 17

A DVA N C E D K I T C H E N T R I C K S as possible. 5) Reach out as far as you can to the ball that is still in the air. 6) You will now need to make a decision, depending on where your opponents’ ball is hit. If their ball is high, you will want to smash this ball at the feet of the person in front of you or open court. If the ball is too low, you will want to dink it to the middle or cross-court. If the ball is too far for you to reach, it is your partner’s ball. 7) An important thing to note is when you go to hit this side- shift attack shot, your partner also needs to shift with you to cover in case you cannot reach the ball. Some Rules to Follow When Hitting the Side-Shift Attack: Breaking any of these rules will cause you to have a fault. 1) Both feet need to be planted outside the non- volley lines if you make contact inside prior. 2) You, your clothing, or any part of your paddle cannot touch the net or net post when you hit the ball. 3) If you do not make contact with the ball, your paddle cannot pass the plane of the net. You can only pass the plane of the net if you actually strike the ball. If you swing and miss and also cross the net with your paddle, this is a fault. When you are feeling like your game is in a rut and your opponents are getting too acquainted with your style of play, try adding these advanced kitchen tricks to your strategy and skill sets!  • Christine McGrath resides in Los Angeles, CA. She is a US Open Pro Champion, 5x Tournament of Champions medalist, Professional Pickleball Federation Desert Champion, and 8x Nationals medalist. She also enjoys the outdoors, dirt biking, snowboarding, and spending time with family. EXPERT ADVICE CALL & SPEAK WITH KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF OVER 12,000 PRODUCT REVIEWS OVER 2,000 PRODUCTS IN STOCK – GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED THE PICKLEBALL SUPERSTORE 888-854-0163 MAY/JUNE 2017 | MAGAZINE 15