Pickleball Magazine 2-3 - Page 12

INDUSTRY PROFILE Pickleballtournaments.com UNITING PLAYERS AROUND THE WORLD ONLINE I f you’ve ever registered for or organized a pickleball tournament, chances are you’re familiar with pickleballtournaments.com. And, like most websites that you use daily, you probably don’t think about who’s behind the website that brings players together year-round in an orderly and organized manner. Melissa McCurley and Greg Thompson are the brother and sister team behind the site. The duo took over the site in 2014 and have cultivated it from a small, free service assisting about 90 tournaments nationwide, to a modern tournament-tracking behemoth and adding a complete package of tournament-orchestrating services to the menu of offerings for tournaments directors. “We revamped the front-end experience, the home page, to make things more modern. We added advertising, incorporated tournaments more prominently in the design and implemented a state-of-the-art communication system to easily contact over 25k players,” Thompson said. “We now have texting notifications for players and are slowly rolling that out, and we have a new support portal rolling out, which will be a self-serve, modern ‘wiki’ of solutions that you’re used to seeing on other sites. Community forums will be on there soon, so players can talk to one another, and we’ve added new charts and formats to satisfy the needs of the tournament directors, like triple elimination charts.” Part of the success of pickleballtournaments.com has come g&FRf7BFB47W&WBF6BǐVVBfVGW&W2FFR6FRFBVWB7W'&VB@gV7FFW7FfVǒ6VVWBfVVF&6g&6V&W'2&VwV"&62F6VRvBWrfVGW&W2FW6FBFFR6FRF6F6gWfW'6V&VVBF2fVVF&66W2'vb47W&WBF6( 0vW'676f"FR7'B'WB6&fW76F&Vv47W&W( 2v&G&fV2F'VFW&VG2f 6ƖVG2v&GvFR( vRfR&V֗V6W'f6W2FB&RV6vW FVBFVFW"RbW26VBfRwVW76VB( Ф47W&W6B( FW&VG2'&rW2&&BFvPFV"VF&RWfVB&Vv7G&F2VG266VGVW2'&6WG26֖r6FRvFW"WVVBF'VFPFW&VBWfW'7BFWFvRfR3bF6RF0V"vW&Rv^( &RFRG&V6W2vFW'2FW&V@F&V7F'2fVFVW'27V7FF'2fVF'2B7FfbvPG&fVFVFR7FFW2BFffW&VB6VG&W26vVv^( &RFRfVBvRV"FRf6RbFRW'2@W7Bg&W'2R&V"&Vvv^( fRG&V@fW"#FW&VG2B'FW"vFFRU4FV67FVBFW&VG2VWBU467F&WV&VVG22vV2G&FVFR7FF&@&6W76W2&6VGW&W2BF2F'VFV"FW&VBBN( 2FW&W7FrF6VRFRFffW&VB7FvW2b6V&FffW&VB6W2FBvRvv^( &RBW7B6gGv&P6W'f6R6瓲vRƗfRF2v&B#BW'2FfpF2vR&vBrvFW"fVr6WFFfR6V&f֖ǒ( ФVWrFR6G'VRFG2&v֗76( @v62F&RW6VgV6W'f6RF6V&W'2@FW&VBF&V7F'2f'7BBf&V7N( F2&VVFPƖ6b6V&FW&VG26( 2w&wF@7V66W72F66BFBvVFWFfW"FP6FWFB6vFWW2BV'2vFRVB( ƖbB( B'&RF( BfN( GFGVFR( ĒfR7G&p7'G2&6w&V@B6'&FPWW&V6R'WBvVvR6RvRWBFPWW&V6VBVP6rW2FR&W2( ЦR6B( FB&6W70FBv2w&V@D5T%45$$R433s#"tDDU4T$r4