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FROM THE USAPA the rain and the wind. I started look- ing into installing permanent posts and net. I’m kind of handy, and de- vised a plan to use a sleeve, set up a semi-permanent net and remove the poles if we wanted to play basketball. Fortunately, before we cut the holes, I saw a Facebook post of Wichita Country Club’s indoor pickleball courts. The new net system was exactly what I was looking for. The tennis pro there was very helpful in connecting me with the manufac- turer. In went my order, and my new net was delivered one week later. This 400-pound net system is going nowhere, even in this Oklahoma wind! It has increased our enjoyment of the court exponentially. We no longer have to put up the net each time we play, which saves time and energy better devoted to playing the game. And, bonus, it has wheels and can be easily moved off the court for basketball. Because of my addictive personal- ity, I now play or drill seven days a week (I also invested in a pickleball ball machine). We have friends over several times a week to play, and have been blessed to introduce many people to the sport. I’ve been honored to become a new Ambassa- dor for the game (my thanks to Vicky Noakes for nominating me). Believe it or not, I think my wife may be hooked, too, as are my two sons. Now we plan vacations around pickleball. We even took sidewalk chalk to Cozumel and drew our own court to play. If you’re ever in Tulsa, give me a call. I’m always up for a friendly match. This court is a dream-come-true for me and I love sharing it with other passionate pickleballers!  • Steve Elliott g12bmg@gmail.com 918.760.4334 Ambassador - Jenks, Oklahoma USAPA SOLICITS MEDIA CONTRIBUTORS T he United States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA) is currently seeking photographers and writers to support its bi-monthly newsletter, Pickleball Magazine and other digital me- dia including Facebook. USAPA staff writers are excited about this new opportunity. Communications Director Bob Nibarger stated, “USAPA welcomes all interested individuals to become a part of our media outreach campaign. There are so many clubs, personal stories, new facilities that deserve coverage. Our members and viewers now have a fantastic opportunity to have their articles and photographs featured “worldwide” through our various media streams.” To be considered for our volunteer editor program, all you need to do is send a memo of interest to magazine@usapa.org. USAPA hopes to start this new program later this year. First-Ever High School Tournament Takes Center Stage BY NORM DAVIS T he first inter-high school tournament for the Surprise School District was held April 17 at Valley Vista High School. Seventeen courts were used both indoors and outdoors to accommodate 106 new players in just two hours. Played using school ground rules, run by school coaches and attended mostly by freshmen, the event was extraordinary to watch. We had 10 local players volunteer to help them out and show the coaches some of how we handle refereeing. A nice perpetual trophy went to the winning school and the players received gold medals. Eighty t-shirts with student-designed logo, 60 new wood paddles and various other items (by our vendors and local pickleball club) were included in goodie bags for the players too. Besides the active players, there were many viewing students and families. The school district public relations department provided media coverage and will post a nice video on the Internet and the local Independent Newspaper will be publishing an article and pic- tures. I will try to put together a short video to send to USAPA and other national places to spread the word. I will also do a write-up on the process required to make this unique event happen and present it to USAPA. MAY/JUNE 2017 | MAGAZINE 9