Pickin in Parsons 2011 - Page 5

5Bowers Family Trivia TRUE/FALSE 1. John and Joyce have one child. 2. Having a Bluegrass Festival was Joyce’s dream. 3. The Field was a gift to John & Joyce. 4. Joyce has one Sister. 5. John and Karen have one child. 6. John and Joyce have been married for 21 years. 7. Joyce and John owned several businesses before this one. 8. John works day shift at Armstrong World Industries in Beverly, WV 9. Big John & Karen gave Joyce her Lincoln Towncar as a gift. 10. Karen works for the school as a cook. 11. Joyce smokes cigarettes. 12. It was Joyce’s idea to paint stars with the artists names on them. 13. Karen is the worrier of the family. 14. Katelynn had a Mohawk for a while. 15. Katelynn attends Tucker County High School. 16. Katelynn is a Glenn Miller Fan.17. Big John and Karen gave Katelynn a Jeep Grand Cherokee for her 16th birthday.18. Joyce is a John Grisham fan.19. Joyce’s favorite coffee is Maxwell House.20. Karen’s Favorite drink is Dr. Pepper.21. John & Karen live here at the camp ground.22. Big John has 1 brother.23. Joyce hires the bands.24. Karen designed the website.25. John II is responsible for the construction that takes place here.26. The dining room table in Joyce & Johns house was a birthday pres-ent to Joyce from Big John in 1994.27. John II bought Katelynn a horse for her 8th birthday.28. John II, Joyce & Katelynn often spend time at Jimmy Bowens house.29. Katelynn has a dog named after Bob Marley30. John & Joyce met in College. More Trivia 1. Whose idea was it to bake a 4’ x 8’ sheet of corn bread for the picnic last year? A Dick Mitchell B Paul Kenderski C Walt Landon D Big John Bowers 2. In 2010, which unlikely couple took the Hillbilly Bluegrass Cruise down the Cheat River? A. Roy & Cecile Young B. Bob & Linda Burkett C. Janet & Dick McCoy D Grace & David Crane 3. Willard & Regina Zinn are: A. the couple who arrived rst last year. B. the couple who called everyday for a month to get a full service camp site. C. the couple who won the VIP package last year. D. vendors. 4. The owners of Pickin’ in Parsons are A. Mike & Diane Matheny B. Big John & Karen Bowers C. Rex & Kathy McCoy D. John II & Joyce Bowers 5. We named the camp ground “Five River” because A. Once upon a time there were ve rivers that ran through it. B. Five Rivers come together within a short distance of the area. C the river that borders the camp ground is the “Five River”. D in the 1985 ood, there was at least ve rivers worth of water over the camp ground.6. Tom Felton is known as:A. A famous authorB. the Sheriff of Tucker County, WVC. the Moron Brothers Biggest FanD. all of the above.7. Which idea came rst?A. Moving to Tucker CountyB. Having a Bluegrass FestivalC. Building a camp GroundD Having a duck Race8. The rumor that Ed & Elaine Lipscomb had their rst child at Pickin’ in ParsonsA Absolutely falseB was started by the Emcee (Big John)C was proven by the stork standing in front of their camp site. D All of the above.9. What was the craziest idea Pickin in Parsons had?A. to bake a 4’ x 8’ sheet of cornbread.B. to build a seating area out of a blue tarpC to have the best decorated campsite contest.D to paint a star for ever artist that ever performed here.10. Who was rst to arrive for full service this year?A. Dick MitchellB. Charles StreetsC. John HouckD None of the above How much do you know about the Bowers Family? answers on page 22