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22 In Memoriam Hazel Jane Dickens Hazel Jane Dickens (June 1, 1935 April 22, 2011) was an American bluegrass singer, songwriter, double bassist and guitarist. She was the eighth child of an eleven-child mining family in West Virginia. Her music was characterized not only by her high, lonesome singing style, but also by her provocative pro-union, femi- nist songs. Cultural blogger John Pietaro noted that Dickens didnt just sing the anthems of labor, she lived them and her place on many a picket line, staring down gunre and goon squads, embedded her into the cause. The New York Times extolled her as a clarion-voiced advocate for coal miners and working people and a pioneer among women in bluegrass music. Hazel Dickens was known for her activism on behalf of non-unionized mineworkers Dickens was born in Mercer County, West Virginia. She met Mike Seeger, younger half-brother of Pete Seeger and founding member of the New Lost City Ramblers and became active in the Baltimore-Washing- ton area bluegrass and folk music scene during the 1960s. During this time she also established a collaborative relationship with Mike Seegers wife, Alice Gerrard, and as Hazel & Alice recorded two albums for the Folkways label: Whos That Knocking (And Other Bluegrass Country Music) (1965) and Wont You Come & Sing for Me (1973). Dickens and Gerrard were bluegrass bandlead- ers at a time when the vast majority of bluegrass bands were led by men. According to Bill Warren, her music, and especially her songwriting, assumed an even more political cast almost as soon as she began pursuing a solo career. Dickens appeared in the documentary Harlan County, USA and also contributed four songs to the soundtrack of the same lm. She also appeared in the lms Matewan and Songcatcher. Extolling that music saves mountains, fans and supporters of Dickens activism announced a special memorial entitled Tribute to West Virginia Music Legend Hazel Dickens at the Charleston, West Virginia Cultural Center June 5, 2011. The text is replicated verbatim: Legendary bluegrass singer Hazel Dickens passed away this April after a lifetime ghting for social justice in Appalachia. Her legend lives on as hundreds mobilize for the march on Blair Mountain, a ve-day, fty-mile action calling for an end to mountain- top removal, strengthened labor rights, and investment in sustainable jobs. Join us for a special night of music honoring Hazel and those who will walk in her footsteps during the March on Blair Mountain. The goals of the march are consistent with Dickens longstanding involvement with environmental justice, with the announced goals of to preservation of Blair Mountain, abolition of mountaintop removal, strengthening of labor rights, and an investment in sustainable job creation for all Appalachian communities. 1 B 32 SPI 5 4 TRALD 6 7 THEHILLBILLYBLUEGRASSCRUISE ESTSMX 9 8 PSEOOIHSABAW 10 1112 13 ICROWENRANNVPEN LESAROL 7161 51 41 KLNCAPOMCJML 91 81 WMAIOLBESBN 12 02 IORMUOLESIOTROT 2223 24 XHLNMRAGERNMTDOCL 52 VELSLAPRRTYIRD 62 WENMRASYUYORI 72 OAYICWOBSEL 82 ORGNHBENL 92 DTLEVESOORONALEDOE VINIOLT 13 03 RJWCARLTONHANEYA 23 LLENNNINOITATS 33 LKEMD 73 6353 43 ETIHWAHTRAMKMARGNI 83 YNOEERFYT BGONABI 04 93 OWSUGODNUOF YITSUWN 14 EQUICKSILVERLS KRTN 24 EIDA 34 EMUIROTIDUANAMYR ANSWERS TRUE/FALSE TRIVIA (from page 5) 1. True, Her name is Katelynn 2. False, it was John IIs 3. False, John & Joyce paid for it themselves. 4. True, her name is Christine. 5. True, his name is John II. 6. False, only 18 years. 7. True, a convenience store and a construction company. 8. False, he works midnights. 9. True, they did. 10. True, She works at the Buckhannon Upshur Middle School. 11. False, she quit 3 years ago in December. 12. False, it was Big Johns, however, Joyce was the one who did the painting until her friends started volunteering to help. Thanks everyone! 13. True, but Katelynn is quickly learning the art as well. 14. True, it was about 12 inches tall and shaved on both sides....wild. 15. False, she goes to school online. 16. True, she really is. 17. True, and she didnt have a learners permit yet. 18. True, and so isnt Big John after Joyce loaned her collection of books to him. 19. False, she roasts and grinds her own coffee beans. 20. False, its water. 21. False, they live in French Creek, WV 22. False, he has two. Bob & Larry. 23. True 24. False, Joyce did that. 25. True, so if you like the new restrooms let him know. 26. True, 27. False, we never had horses, but John II bought her a 4 wheeler for her 4th birthday. 28. True, when visiting Nashville, they stay with Jimmy and his lovely wife Mona. 29. True, her name is Marley and she is F&&R3f6RFWWBw&FR66gFW"6rFV6f"V'26R6VBWF6r5tU%2 bTDR44RE$dg&vRRB"22BBR"bBr"B"5tU%2 b5$55t$BURg&vRR