Pickin' A Chicken 2014 - Page 23

Broody: Sometimes. Color: Shiny black feathers with iridescent green and purple highlights that glisten in sunlight. BARNEVELDER: Known for its dark, chocolate colored eggs, the Barnevelder originated in the Dutch town of Barneveld. Over the years, breeders have not concentrated on egg color and their dark brown eggs are not as dark as they once were. Size: 6 lbs. (female), 7 lbs. (male) Number of eggs per week: Good Egg Color: Dark Brown Egg Size: Large Classification: Continental Comb Style: Single Temperament: Lively and friendly. Broody: Sometimes Colors: Double-laced Partridge, Blue-laced, White, Black BLACK STAR: This breed is a sex-link, meaning that it can be sexed based on its color immediately after hatching. Typically, they are a cross between a Barred Plymouth Rock female and a Rhode Island Red male, though other crosses exist. Male chicks are black with a