Pickin' A Chicken 2014 - Page 22

Spitzhauben is more popular in North America. These chickens sport a comical, yet interesting crest of feathers on their heads. Size: 3 lbs. (female), 4 lbs. (male) Number of eggs per week: Good Egg Color: White Egg Size: Medium Classification: Not recognized Comb Style: V-shaped Temperament: Can be very friendly once trained. Broody: No Color: White with black spots. AUSTRALORP: This breed originated in Australia, as the name suggests, and was developed from England’s Black Orpington. In the 1920’s, it set a world record for most eggs laid in a year (364). Size: 6 lbs. (female), 8 lbs. (male) Number of eggs per week: Excellent Egg Color: Brown Egg Size: Large Classification: English Comb Style: Single Temperament: Sweet, good natured chickens that make excellent pets and are good around children.