Pickin' A Chicken 2014 - Page 20

AMERAUCANA: Sometimes confused with Easter Eggers or Americanas. Unlike these mixed breed birds, Ameraucanas are a purebred breed. Be sure to check the spelling before you accidentally purchase an Americana thinking that it is an Ameraucana. Size: 5 lbs. (female), 6 lbs. (male) Number of eggs per week: Good Egg Color: Green or Blue Egg Size: Large Classification: All Other Comb Style: Pea Temperament: Calm and not afraid of people. Broody: Yes Colors: Black, Blue, Blue-wheaten, Brown-red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten, White ANCONA: The Ancona gets its name from its original breeding place, Ancona, Italy. They arrived in the United States in the late 1800’s and became a popular breed. Size: 4 lbs. (female), 6 lbs. (male) Number of eggs per week: Excellent Egg Color: White Egg Size: Large Classification: Mediterranean