Pickin' A Chicken 2014 - Page 15

Feed-to-meat conversion: How much a chicken eats in relation to the amount of meat he/she produces. Chickens with a good feed-to-meat conversion will save you money on feed because they eat less and produce more. Frizell: Feathers that curl at the ends rather than being flat. Also a curly feathered breed of chicken. Hackles: Cape feathers on a rooster. Hatching Eggs: Eggs from females who have been kept with a rooster. Hen: A female chicken that is one year old. Heritage: A chicken whose genetic line can be traced back multiple generations and whose traits meet the APA Standard of Perfection guidelines for the breed. Hybrid: The offspring of a hen and rooster of different breed who might also be from crossbred birds. Layers: Adult female chickens who are laying eggs. Also known as laying hens.