Pickin' A Chicken 2014 - Page 14

Comb. The fleshy pink or red crown on a chicken’s head. Comb styles vary among breeds and range from large and floppy to close-cropped and small. Crest: A puff of feathers on top of a chicken’s head. Also called a top knot. Crossbreed: The offspring of a hen and rooster of two different breeds. Dual Purpose: A chicken used for both meat and eggs. Ear Lobe: The fleshy part just below the ear hole. Typically, chickens with white ear lobes lay white eggs and chickens with colored ear lobes lay brown eggs. Exhibition Breed: A breed of chicken kept mainly for its beauty. Feather Legged: Having feathers on the legs. Feed-to-egg conversion: How much a chicken eats in relation to the number of eggs she produces. Chickens with a good feed-to-egg conversion will save you money on feed because they eat less and produce more.