Philippine Showbiz Today Vol 14 No 6 - Page 15

Philippine Showbiz Today Philippine Showbiz Today 15 5 17 March 22 - April 7, 2019 January 8-21, 2015 “Exchange Gift’s” pilot episode wins national TV ratings… KC AND PAULO’S “GIVE LOVE,” A HIT AMONG VIEWERS AND NETIZENS Award-winning actors KC Concepcion and Paulo Avelino quickly got TV viewers hooked with their chemistry as the pilot episode of “Give Love on Christmas Presents Exchange Gift” won national TV ratings. Based on data from Kantar Media last Monday (January 5), KC and Paulo’s “Exchange Gift” scored D QDWLRQDO79 UDWLQJ RI  RU ¿YH SRLQWV KLJKHU compared to its rival program in GMA “The Ryzza Mae Show” (7.2%). Aside from ratings, the third featured story of the hit Kapamilya Christmas TV special also conquered social networking sites such as Twitter where the hashtag #GLOCExchangeGift became a nationwide trending topic because of the romantic scenes of KC and Paulo’s characters Anna and Christian. Meanwhile, TV viewers will surely fall in love in the next episodes of “Give Love on Christmas Presents Exchange Gift” now that Anna and Christian have de- cided to tie the knot. How will Anna and Christian face the new chapter of their relationship now that they are about to discover how hard it is to keep a happily mar- ULHGOLIH":LOOWKH\VWLOOEHDEOHWRIXO¿OOWKHSURPLVHV they made to each other when they start to encounter big changes in their family? “Give Love on Christmas” is composed of three stories that revolve around family, relationships, and love. These include Paulo and KC’s “Exchange Gift,” Eddie Garcia, Aiko Melendez, Dimples Romana, Car- lo Aquino, and Louise Abuel’s “The Gift Giver,” and Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador’s “The Gift of Life.” It is a Christmas special produced by Dreamscape Entertainment Television, the group that created top-rat- ing TV masterpieces such as “Walang Hanggan,” “Ina Kapatid Anak,” “Juan dela Cruz,” and “Ikaw Lamang.” Don’t miss the continuation of “Give Love on Christmas Presents Exchange Gift” weekdays. For more information about “Give Love on Christmas,” YLVLWWKHVKRZ¶VRI¿FLDOVRFLDOQHWZRUNLQJVLWHV7ZLWW- ter .com/DreamscapePH and scapePH. Vilma leads Papal welcome Sa akin bilang artist, nagsisilbi si Pope Francis as inspiration,” Batangas Gov. Vil- ma Santos-Recto enthusiastically welcomes the Papal visit. She knows too well what the visit brings: “Bukod sa respeto sa religion, napakalawak ng pag-iisip at pang-unawa niya para subuking intindihin ang totoong buhay ng tao lalo na sa modernong pana- hon!” Pope Francis refuses to be garbed in princely garments and prefers common transportation to go to work to align himself with the common people. Such acts bring Catholics — including gays and pro-abor- tionists — into the fold of the Church. “Isa si Pope Francis na ehemplo ng pagpapak- umbaba na dapat matularan sa aming indus- triya!” Gov. Vilma proclaims. Inspiration begets inspiration. This mo- tivated visual artist Dante Hipolito to paint Gov. Vilma with Pope Francis in the 29” x 24” oil on canvas titled Salubong. A distinct style of vibrant rural realism, it follows Pope Francis’ didactic intentions. 'DQWHGLGWKLVE\UHGH¿QLQJDUWZKDWKH terms as Composite Realism, which is the VPRRWKLQWHUSOD\RI¿OPPDNLQJHOHPHQWVRI production design, photography and digital art based on his experience in stage produc- tion and advertising. Thus, he creates a dis- tinctively exuberant depictions of country life on their basic principles. In an ambiance of rural peace and pros- perity, Dante shows Gov. Vilma as a farmer leading stars (from left) Gary Valenciano, Sen. Grace Poe, Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes, Coco Martin and Kris Aquino who are also costumed as country people in the festive welcome. Other entertainers are passionate about Pope Francis’ visit as well. Jamie Rivera praises his humility and compassion in her song We Are All God’s Children. Rita Avila wrote the inspirational books The Invisible Wings and 8 Ways to Comfort with Grace and sent them as gifts to Pope Francis. Dingdong, on the other hand, believes Filipinos will also be brought closer to God by Pope Francis’ apostolic visit including himself, new wife Marian and, for that mat- ter, all our entertainers. “Ibang klase siya. He brings with him the visiting Pope’s activities because Mar- ian and him will be on their honeymoon in Europe. “We know we’ll be blessed by him as he will bless all Filipinos,” he assures. For sure, Pope Francis’ visit has blessed us, bringing a new spirituality, even among entertainers. Perhaps, one of the most blessed in the country Sotto. “Dami kong bless- TeL # (604) 439 is - Vic 1113 ings this year. Blessing ang maging senior # 306 - 4603 Kingsway Ave. Metropointe Bldg. Burnaby, citizen. May senior citizen card na BC ako. May ( Free parking stalls available) 20-percent discount na ako sa restaurants. Libre akong makakapanood ng My Big Bossing sa Makati,” Vic shares. “Pero Eat, Bulaga! is my biggest bless- New patients always welcome. ing. Hindi biro ang abutin kami ng 36 years (We speak Cebuano, Tagalog & Ilokano.) sa TV. But sa tingin ko, ang biggest blessing ay darating pa this year,” alluding to his of- ¿FLDOHQWU\WRWKH0HWUR0DQLOD)LOP Festival. But he twisted, “Ang magpasaya ng tao nitong Pasko is my biggest bless- ing.” Dr. Cecile Tumusok-Aparte Asked what blessing in 2015 he will seek from Pope Francis upon his arrival, he replied, “Wala na para sa akin. Sana i-bless niya ang mga biktima ng Supertyphoon Yo- landa.” Believe it or not, even Robin Padilla, who is Muslim and who thinks of himself as D UHYROXWLRQDU\ LGHQWL¿HV ZLWK 3RSH )UDQ- cis. He thinks of the papal visit in positive terms, “Gustong-gusto ko siyang pumunta new hope with his understanding that Ca- sa Pilipinas kasi he’s pro-poor at rebolusyo- tholicism is not the Church but its faithful,” naryo.” Robin hopes, “Sana maimpluwensya- the actor reasons out. He goes on to explain what makes Pope han niya ang mga politiko.” He is against Francis different: “Hindi doctrine ang gum- the corruption brought about by capitalism, agabay sa kanya kundi papaano ang dok- and many other actions and declarations not trina nito ay maiintindihan ng tao at lalong consistent with religious doctrines. As Pope Francis’ love is universal, our maglalapit sa kanila sa Diyos at sa Kanyang entertainers have claimed his blessing.( Ed- Simbahan.” But Dingdong will not be able to witness gar O. Cruz .PS)