Philippine Showbiz Today Vol 11 No 20 - Page 8

8 Philippine Showbiz Today October 22 - November 7, 2016 Jan. 22-Feb.7, 2015 Feature Story Chicharon industry of Sta. Maria, Bulacan by Jose K. Lirios PST Manila Correspondent Four days before Valentine’s Day, the town of Santa Maria in Bulacan celebrates the Chicharon Festival. It is a special day indeed that celebrates a very popular and delicious Filipino snack that sometimes results in heart burn and high blood pressure if consumed in large quantities. The manufacturers of chicharon (pork rind crackling) in this first-class urban town are given a well-deserved day of recognition during the annual Chicharon Festival that is held every February 10th. The local government of Santa Maria holds the festival in line with the celebration of the feast of the municipality’s patron, the Immaculate Concepcion. During the Chicharon Festival, the makers of chicharon present their product in different stylish ways and in different sizes and shapes. Those who are creative even put on costumes and floats to show off their chicharon in the traditional parade held around Santa Maria. The festivities also held a cooking festival for college students who came up with several new recipes that made good use of chicharon, like chicharon steak. Concepcion, municipal tourism officer of Santa Maria. She also added that the chicharon industry and the tradition of making chicharon, was inherited from our grandparents. According to Jimmy Corpuz, the ex-officio chair of the Bulacan Heritage Conservation Society, the beginnings or origins of the local chicharon industry of Santa Maria can be traced back to Pacencia de la Torre-Tuazon. She is said to have started the town’s chicharon industry as a backyard trade when she decided to make use of leftover portions of a butchered pig instead of throwing it away. Santa Maria’s chicharon industry started from humble beginnings in the 1900s, mostly from backyard piggeries and swine raisers. Corpuz proudly said that the Santa Maria chicharon is billed as a Bulacan brand at par with the popular sisig of Pampanga. The producers of chicharon have their own secret preparations or recipes for making chicharon but others have been importing pork skin from foreign countries like Spain, Australia, the United States and Canada. Reynaldo Buenviaje, the Santa Maria is a first-class urban municipality located 32 kilometers northeast of Manila. It gets at least a tenth of its income from crackled pork skins that remain a favorite snack of Filipinos. It has a booming agri- based industry that focuses mo &RVG'B&6rw0vF&RFSVG'@vvW'f&266GFW&VB&V@FRV6ƗGFR7vRf&0&RFR6W&6Rbw2v6P62&V6RFR&&@7&6Ɩw2FBfƗ0fRF67VRf'GVR&VV6rBFWfVVBff6W b6F&6BFR&֖p66&GW7G'266V@b&RF#66&Vf7GW&W'2BFWfPvfVFRFvV&V6VFVFV@V6֖2&f"6WfW&V'2( F2VVBf"66&আ2FR6F&FV FW&7@FW7FFGG&7FrVRg&&V@FR6VG'v&R7W&W2@vBF7FRbFRFv( 27@fW2&GV7B( 6B&vW"bF&66&6@FRFVBf"66&FF2fW'vB&V6W6RfƗ06( BvWBVVvbBBVW67V֖rBb66&P6WFW227Wǒ&&VЧvF&6V6RFP'FFb&6g&FW 6VG&W2gFW"FrW762আrFR66&g&0VB'VVfRFV6FVBFW@W2v66&'W6W72#"दVfW"F'&W2FRvW bV( 266&6B6PBW"W6&B7F'FVBFV 66&'W6W72`BFV"'&B&V6R&PV"BFVBvVFWG&GV6VB֖7&vf&P66&62FFR&WBFBRrFBFW&R&PFffW&VBG2b66&খFRƗW366&vF2&&BF@2FRVB7FGF6VBFB2FRFvrv&Bf fW6"VB66&vF7V6W6W2&vFfB@V6F6W"VB66&66F2W7B&6vFW@FRfBGF6VBFB66&&r2&&Vǒ6vP66&&GV2FVWg&V@&vRFW7FW2bFRr&GV2FRFvrv&Bf"FW7FW266&'V0&FW7FR&Ɩw2FB&PF&Vvǒ6VVB&6V@B6VB66&&G2&P66&vFWBfB"VBFR6RB6Rb66&&G226֖"F6&w&VB66&27'W6V@V6W2b66&v62&VGF&R֗VBF6762fƗF6W2ƖRv6rVvvv6r֗VBfVvWF&W2&vvVvr'&FvRB&WBw&VB66&গ26W6VB2Frf"FPF6W2ƖR6B&6@&B&F666RFW&R&RFW6RGW0b66&&VfW'&rFFffW&V@'G2bFR~( 2&GFW FFR6vBvR6FR&v66&FN( 2FP&&BƖRvFFR7GV6FBvVB&R66&&BFRFvrv&Bf"6গ2&BFRR66&06WFR7VVBG6G6&@WfV26G6&6762Fvp'Fw&)x6R( ĥ( Ɨ&22w&GVFPbFRVfW'7FbFRV7B&rVvƗ6B2&VVw&Frf"V&Ɩ6F27V60FRFW2'W6W72v&@BƗW2g&VR&W72vR&PW&VBFfR&&B0W"fVGW&Rw&FW"5B