Philippine Showbiz Today Vol 11 No 20 - Page 23

Philippine Showbiz Today October 22 - November 7, 2016 23 Boxing Pacquiao spars 12 rounds Filipino fighting senator Many Pacquiao starts going into the motion of winding up his prepa- ration today, still three weeks into his comeback fight with World Boxing Organization welterweight titleholder Jessie Vargas. This Hall of Fame trainer Fred- die Roach announced last Satur- day as his prized pupil capped a week had the heaviest load in his training program consisting of 12 rounds of sparring with a pair of training mates and another 12 rounds of doing the mitts with his decorated chief corner man. The coming six days ends the eight division champ’s six-week camp in Manila after which Team Pacquiao moves to Los Angeles in California for another week of applying the finishing touches at Roach’s Wild Card Gym before motoring to Las Vegas in Nevada where the ring icon will try to re- capture the 147-pound crown in a 12-round showdown on Novem- ber 5 (November 6 in Manila). “Everything has been set in place so I believe we have to slow down a little bit next week to give Manny the needed break,” Roach told this writer after the dozen round with the mitts. “Manny went 12 rounds of sparring today (Sat- urday), six against Joe (Mexican- American Jose Ramirez) and four against a local boy and he ended up still wanting for more.” The seven-time ‘Trainer of the Year’ was referring to former World Boxing Council and Eur- asian Youth welterweight belt- owner Sonny Kabandagho, a substitute sparring partner, who filled in for regular mate Leopoldo Doronio, who fell sick. “Not that Manny’s already reached his peak, but we’re head- ing to that. He’ll be there, Roach assured. “We still have three spar- Golf ring sessions next week and sev- eral rounds more with the mitts which we believe are enough be- fore going through the fine-tun- ing phase of the camp two weeks from now in L.A.” “Starting Monday (Oct.17), we’ll be looking for things that we missed and filling in the void,” Roach explained. “We’ll try to im- prove a little bit here and a little bit there to be sure that we cover all bases down the stretch of our preparation.” Strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune echoed Roach’s evaluation, saying that everything, including several mi- nor glitches, indeed, has been addressed rather quickly. “There was this mild cold (not flu as several media outfits report- ed) that struck Manny,” Justin re- called. “Then the old leg cramps that suddenly recurred plus his responsibilities as senator, which at a certain point somewhat inter- vened in his training regimen.” “But thanks to Manny’s su- perb physical condition, we sur- vived all that. Truth is, under nor- mal circumstances, this final three comes fight night has been done,” Fortune attested. Members of the training team -- assistant trainers Buboy Fer- nandez, Nonoy Neri and Roger “Haplas” Fernandez -- agreed to Roach and Fortune’s projections. “Ako, sa tingin ko nasa peak na si Manny two weeks ago pa. Kaya nga na-survive niya lahat ng distraksyon na dumating habang nag-e-ensayo. Pero agree din ako that there’s still room for improve- ment para maka-siguro,” Buboy, Pacquio’s bosom friend since childhood, said. Even basketball star Jason Castro couldn’t hide his admira- tion seeing Pacquiao workout that weeks would’ve been the tough- est and the most crucial, but as we’ve been saying this camp has been going on smoothly, we don’t need to go into that,” Fortune said, adding that the situation has given him the chance to leave for the U.S as early as today. “Yeah, I’m going ahead of the rest of the team ѽ䰁ܴ)ٕѡѡЁ́Ѽ)5䁥ѥѽ͡)+qMɄ́Ё́)5丁MɄɝ䁹儳t)ѡQq8QЁ͕ѥͥ)ɕ́ͥéЁеՅɐ)ѽ䰁ݡ͕͕A)եѥȁѡЁѥ)͕ٕqA䁭Ёͤ)5䰁)t^<(᥹(Aѽ́]IЁ)QՕ1͍չхɝЁՍ́(ĵ455ѕ)Aé9ā)5ՕQՕٕѕɅ)ѽ1͍չ͕ٔЁѡ)́ݥѡā(A@ԁIͽ́]ɱ)55ѕ́ɽ9ظѼ(̸)]Ѡ5Mѡݽ) չ Ո)ٕՔѡٕаѡ)͔ѡٽɥѕ)ɔѼѡՈѡ)ɕ́ݡѡչéɥ)ѽɹи)QՕȰ́啐)ѕȁ͕ͽݡɔ́ȴ)ɕѱɅѡѽٔѡ)ͥQȁ=ɑȁ5ɥи)QɕA=)ͼɕѡ)=́Iݥѕ)ɕɕ͕Ёѡչ䁅Ёѡ)]ɱ 5ɹ+q%ЁݽձɕЁ$ٔ)ѡչѼݥѡI)ͽ́]ɱ55ѕ̳tͅ)QՕqQɗé݅́)ɕɔݡٕȁԁ)Ё]eɔѕѼ)ͽѡЁѡɑ䁉)$Օ́ݗeٔѼɕЁЁ)䁽ѡȁٕи+q$䁅Ё5Mѡݽ)Ёٕ䁑丁]܁ѡ)ѥ́ѡЁ)ݔ܁ѡ)ѡՅ́ѡɕ̸)QՈͽѡ)ɕ́ͼӊéѼЁ)Ёͽѡtͅ)1͍չ́ѡ)́ЁѡIͽ́]ɱ5)5ѕ́ݥѠѽԁ͠)́и)ͥѕЁəɵȰ)͕́䁽Ё͕)ͽЁ́Ёٕ)́́ѕȁ́Ѽ)ѕȁЁͥQȁ٥ѽ)ЁЁѠ^<(5M