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OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE PHILIPPINE RETAILERS ASSOCIATION 4th QUARTER 2018 WWW.PHILRETAILERS.COM PRA bags top awards at 2018 “ANG SUSI Awards” — 3 years in a row The Philippine Retailers Association has successfully capped off 2018 with a double victory at the “ANG SUSI Awards” of the Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives, which coincided with the 6th Association Summit on November 23, 2018. PRA Chairman Atty. Paul A. Santos was named the “Board Member of the Year” for his outstanding service as PRA president from 2016-2018, where he practiced good governance and contributed to the goals and objectives of the PRA. During his presidency, Chairman Santos has actively represented the retail sector in various government hearings and meetings to voice out the position and stand of the sector in proposed laws and issues affecting the industry. At the same time, PRA has also opened up to more international affiliations and networks, and started the international retail study/business missions which were conducted in Japan and Myanmar. “There are a lot of challenges along the way, but because we choose to work together as an industry, we are able to overcome challenges and thrive as an organization and continue to grow through our members and partners and friends beyond the retail industry,” Chairman Santos said. The National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Expo (NRCE), PRA’s flagship project also bagged the Industry Development Award. The NRCE, which is on its 25th run this year, aims to help local retailers become globally-competitive page 2 Pres. Duterte signs EO updating foreign investment limitations page 4 Jollibee London debut draws thousands page 7 4 Trends That Will Reshape BIG Retail In 2019 SALE page 13 PH retail companies join global celebration to thank employees Retail employees get the spotlight on a special day made for them, as their companies join the world wide celebration of the first-ever Retail Employees Day (RED) in the Philippines last December 12. Promoted in the country by the Philippine Retailers Association, RED’s first year in the Philippines has received positive feedback and a good number of participation from members who showed their gratefulness to respective employees in their own special way. RED was started in India in 2011 by the Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India FROM page 2