Philippine Community Herald Online Digital August-September 2017

VOLUME 23 NO. 08- 09 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2017 PRINT POST APPROVED PP100001976 P-noy defends DU30 Murders and not extraju- dicial killings (EJKs) have been taking place the past year as the Duterte adminis- tration undertakes a relent- less campaign against ille- gal drugs, former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III has said. “If you say there is extraju- dicial killings, then it means there is judicial killing. But I remember, we do not have the death penalty, so there- fore, there is no extrajudi- cial killing. No judicial, no extrajudicial. So clearly, there is murder, there is homicide taking place,” Aquino said, Asked if the killings were state-sponsored, Aquino said he has no evidence to claim such but what is clear is that the “state has an obligation to protect all its citizens and go after all those who have committed infractions against society.” Aquino spoke at the com- memoration of the 34th death anniversary of his fa- ther, Senator Benigno To Page 6 DISTRIBUTED AUSTRALIA WIDE U N I F I C AT I O N G a t he r s St e a m Those who stayed for a memorable photo after the PCC-initiated general assembly and initial public discussion of UNIFICATION. Following the call for unification passionately and un- stoppably began by Evelyn Zaragoza and promoted sole- ly by PCHN as its 23rd anniversary celebration’s under- lying theme, the possibility of UNIFICATION is indeed gaining steam. As of that fateful day of Sunday 20th of August 2017, the first concrete and major step towards UNIFICATION happened via an open discussion on the subject held at Marayong Community Centre with the imprimatur of the Philippine Community Council (PCC). A brief inspirational talk by outgoing Consul General Anne Jalandoon-Lois started the ball rolling. She stressed the importance of “community building” and called for the crowd of about 100 people in the audience to “rebuild and strengthen” the very foundations of the Filipino com- munity. After a quick run-down of PCC’s 3 annual sustain- ing events (the annual Independence Ball and , X-Mas at Tumbalong Park plus PADER), Malyn Andres-Chun, one of the past presidents of PCC who has been tasked to act as moderator efficiently laid down the strictly 3-minute parameter given each speaker. HIGHLIGHTS UNIFICATION initiator talked first and said: “We are aware that there are issues confronting us but let us put them aside. We as individuals or within our own groups are doing well, surviving and comfortably enjoying our- selves -- but only for ourselves and our own enjoyment NOW. We must be more realistic and think of our future generations. It is a changing world and anything is pos- sible. It’s our choice.” To Page 17 NSW $1.50; INTERSTATE $2.00 DIBP stops citizenship rites The Turnbull Govern- ment moved recently to safeguard the integrity of citizenship ceremonies in the City of Yarra. The Melbourne local authority will be stripped of its power to hold any citizenship ceremonies fol- lowing its political reso- lution which cancelled Australia Day citizenship formalities. The Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Alex Hawke re- cently issued a new instru- ment under the Austral- ian Citizenship Act 2007 which removes the ability of office holders at the City of Yarra Council to receive a pledge of commitment at a citizenship ceremony. The Government had al- ready issued a warning to Yarra Council that such an action would be viewed by the Government as a sig- nificant breach of the Aus- tralian Citizenship Cere- monies Code (‘the Code’). The Commonwealth now will ensure prospective cit- izens with the City of Yarra are allocated to citizenship To Page 6 FLASH!! Phils and Aust battle to host Pacquiao-Horn Rematch Boxer Manny Pacquiao will return to Brisbane this year for a Battle of Brisbane rematch with world title holder Jeff Horn, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has confirmed. To Page 38 PINOY HIP HOP DANCERS BID GOLD by Marco Selorio The Philippine national street dance team is coming to Sydney, Australia to try and capture Hip Hop gold at the 14th Annual World Supremacy Battlegrounds Dance Championship. Over four hundred Filipino street dancers plus support staff and family are expected to make their way to Banks- town Sports Club on October 5-8 to compete against some of the best teams from Aus- tralia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Malaysia, Sin- gapore, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. To Page 39 Tim Woolf Photography Best in Evening Gown, Best in Filipiniana, Best in Tal- ent, and Mrs Congeniality - No. 6 Annie Marquez, won these 4 titles but also the coveted titles of Mrs Visayas-Australia 2017 and the Mrs Charity Queen 2017. To Page 20