Philippine Community Herald Online Digital October 2018

VOLUME 24 NO. 10 OCTOBER 2018 PRINT POST APPROVED PP100001976 DISTRIBUTED AUSTRALIA WIDE NSW $1.50; INTERSTATE $2.00 The Great Divide TWO IN ONE Two sets of Board of Directors in one APCO body The protracted battle be- tween APCO Inc’s two warring camps -- the Paras- Salazar group versus that of Escultura-Amores – con- tinues to drag for seven months now since its con- troversy-ridden election of officers in 10 March 2018. 2 BOARDS BOTH CLAIM LEGITIMACY The first to create a new Board is the Paras-Salazar group following a reshuffle of officers by effectively re- moving the unconstitution- ally appointed President Violeta Escultura and PRO, Ralph Improgo via a Board Resolution-cum-vote of no confidence with match- ing complaints of abuse of power and authority. On 26 August 2018 this majority group elected and replaced the two ousted officers with Cora Paras, President and Richard Ford, PRO, respectively. On the other hand, based on its series of coordinated so- cial media pronouncements, the Escultura-Amores group issued one public announce- ment after another in open defiance of the new Board claiming themselves as the true and legitimate APCO group. After issuing suspensions and revocations of member- ship to the Paras-Salazar group, the Escultura-Amores group created an Ad Hoc Committee and hastily sub- mitted a new set of Board of Directors to the Depart- ment of Fair Trading, using the DFT’s acknowledgement to make alleged unofficial transactions at the bank practically depleting APCO funds and its coffers running dry. By Mars Cavestany As of press time, PCHN learned that, APCO’s bank account has been frozen once again following the second alleged contestable withdrawal made by the Es- cultura-Amores camp. (See related interview story on Page 17 and 41 ) MEMBERSHIPS REVOKED, VICE VERSA What is more, each camp citing specific provisions of the APCO Constitution has practically revoked the memberships of those who have aligned themselves to the other group, vice versa. A public statement on 8th September by Escultura cit- ed the Paras-Salazar group as comprising of a number of “dissenting and dissatis- fied officers and members who had been sowing seeds of division and discord among the APCO member- ship”. As of 2 Oct. another Escultura statement was circulated in social media declaring her removal as a total disregard of due process thereby “vexa- tious and frivolous and therefore null and void.” Thus, the vigilantly unrelenting Escultura is- sued suspensions to some and absolute revocation of membership to others in emails individually sent to the Paras-Salazar office bearers dated as early as the 13th of Sep- tember 2018. The common standard demand in these emailed letters “to dispute via the grievance committee in 14 days” fell on deaf ears. As far as the Paras- To Page 28 Beauty Pageants Galore Jade Roberts, Mutya ng Pilipinas Australia newly crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas Overseas Communities 2018. 50th year Celebration of Mutya ng Pilipinas and Coronation Night held at Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Philippines last Septem- ber 2018. (Rey Padernilla) Life within the Filipino community won’t be complete without the traditional beauty pageants. In the past month of September alone five beauty pageants reeled off within our midst. (Mars Cavestany) Miss Indonesia – Woman of the World 2018 GAEL CAMERON To Page 21 Miss Earth Australia 2018, Monique Shippen. To Page 32 Jazel Alarca - Miss Phils-Aust and Charity Queen Aus 2018 Photo: Luis del Rosario L-R Little Miss Philippines-Australia 1st Runner-Up 2018 Aaliyah Bella Chan, Little Miss Photogenic 2018 Aaliyah Si- moune Acosta, Little Miss Charming 2018 Adrielle Morales, Little Miss Philippines-Australia Charity Queen 2018 Aurora McEvoy, Little Miss Philippines-Australia 2018 Isabella Kate Anasson. Photo: Renan Legaspi PASC To Page 32 Ms. Transgender Global Queen 2018 Liane Domingo. Photo: Roldan Discaya