Philippine Community Herald Online Digital June 2018

VOLUME 24 NO. 6 JUNE 2018 APCO in disarray ..... PRINT POST APPROVED PP100001976 DISTRIBUTED AUSTRALIA WIDE NSW $1.50; INTERSTATE $2.00 Amores assault filed against Paras Dis missed: by Evelyn Zaragoza No Evidence Cora Paras, VP Senior of APCO was sum- moned to the Police Station to report her side re: alleged assault complaint filed by Dr. Cen Amores, First President of APCO. On the 18th of June 2018, Cora Paras gave her statement and some of the Board Mem- bers present during the “Officers and Board Members’ Meeting only” were also inter- viewed by the police. To clear the air, Cora Paras and some of the Board Members present during the meeting invited PCHN to be with them at the police station. “There are untrue and incorrect ru- mours spreading in the community which I feel damaging my character and reputation, as well as that of APCO, ” Cora said. “On the 20th of April 2018, the officers and members of the Board of APCO, Inc. a Majority of the newly-elected APCO Board of Directors and other members who non-profit local Filipino organization, held showed support to VP-Senior, Cora Paras during her interview at the police station. a meeting at the Library in Liverpool start- From l-r: Richard Ford, Dian Ford, Rita Agostino, Violy Miguel, Fe Hayward, Cora ing at 6:00pm. Paras, Mick Miguel, Linda Trinidad, Roberto and Linda Price. This meeting was approved and agreed A week prior to the Meeting, a Reminder/Notice was put on the APCO loop by the upon by the Board as “Officers and Board Public Officer that Advisers (the Past Presidents should not join the Meeting to give of Directors’ Meeting Only”. Autonomy to the newly-elected Board of Directors to conduct their meeting inde- pendently with no interference and influ- ence from any of the Advisers. They will be consulted for Advice only when needed. Cen Amores was one of the advisers. Dr. Cen Amores was insistent to go in- side the meeting room, but Cora said, “I politely told her, No, Cen, sorry. Please respect the Notice. We will call you when needed.” Unable to go inside the meeting room, Amores instead headed straight into the Police station nearby and filed an al- leged assault complaint against Cora Pa- ras. PCHN requested Dr. Cen Amores to give her comment but her response as of this writing,, “At this stage, I have no com- ment.” Dr. Cen Amores was recently awarded the Auburn Local Woman of the Year 2018. She was appointed one of the Peo- ple of Australia Ambassadors (January to December 2012) during the term of former PM Julia Gillard. (Related Story on Page 2) PCC-NSW celebrates 120th Phil. Independence Day ................................................... Presentation of the present and past presidents of the Philippine Community Council of NSW, Inc. held at Four Seasons Hotel, 9th Jnne 2018. To Page 32 Photos by Bob Reyes Get ready for the New Child Care Package To Page 3 Stronger Laws for the Off-The-Plan Purchasers To Page 3 Graduates face increasing mismatch between education and jobs To Page 5 Toast by the Philippine Consul General of NSW, The Honourable Maria Teresa Latina Taguiang and The Honourable Raymond Williams MP representing the Pre- mier of NSW. Celebrity and wealth are no defence against suicide risk To Page 6 ‘INHERITING MY MONEY IS NOT YOUR ENTITLEMENT’: CALL OUT ABUSE ON WORLD ELDER ABUSE DAY To Page 6