Philippine Asian News Today Vol 20 No 5 - Page 9

March 1 - 15, 2018 PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY THE TALL ORDER By Mon Datol Manny Pacquiao announced his fight with Argentina’s champion Lucas Matthysse for the WBA welterweight crown is a done deal, but, Bob Arum countered said everything is “up in the air.” So, it’s Manny’s word against Bob Arum’s. Who’s telling the truth at sino dapat paniwalaan? Abangan ang susunod na kasinungalingan, err, kabanata pala. ***** Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte is contemplating to run as Congresswoman in the 2019 midterm election after her fight with Speaker Alvarez escalated into a national political clash of the titans that even PrezRody doesn’t want to interfere. Both are lawyers, PrezRody could only say, adding they know what to do. ‘Di na sila mga bata. ***** What spark the seemingly uncompromising quarrel between PrezRody’s top political ally and his equally-hardnosed daughter? Inday Sara organized a local political party in Davao which she chairs. Speaker Alvarez resented it and called Inday Sara an opposition for creating a political party out of her father’s nose. That ignited the feud. Alvarez messed up with a wrong foe and because of it… Inday Sara is after his neck at the Speakership. ***** Inday Sara has still a term left if she wants to run anew as mayor of Davao City, and, could also lay claim to a Congressional seat in any of the congressional districts of the city if she decides to challenge Alvarez for the House speakership in 2019. The question is, would PrezRody allows the split of his political family in his own backyard? Or who would PrezRody give his blessing? It’s Inday Sara, who else? Mana sa ama! ***** PrezPody said he should receive a salary of P1.5 million instead of P200,000 a month because of heavy work load as President of the Republic. He made the suggestion in his speech at the 6th Regional Community Defense Group Ground, Camp General Adriano Hernandez, Dingle, Iloilo, saying the P200,000  Bob Arum doubts Manny Pacquiao’s bout vs Matthysse monthly salary was not enough since he had two wives. Hehehe… Sino me sala, Tatay Digong? ***** Well, I agree with PrezRody to raise the President’s salary to around P1million to P1.5million a month. Obsolete na yong P200,000 monthly sweldo ng Pangulo ng Pinas now. Mas matataas pa kinikita ng mga top executives ng private companies ke PrezRody eh. Even some government executives and consultants’ home takes are higher than the President. Time to raise the President’s salary! Wawa naman Tatay Digong at 2 asawa niya. ***** of ballots would be recounted and the PET should have employed hundreds of people who would count the votes. Kelan matatapos bilangan ulit ng boto nina BBM at VP Leni? Pag maputi na buhok nating lahat? ***** Federal form of government in the Philippines? Why not. I like our Canadian form of government which takes care primarily the welfare of its p V^( 2VF6&RvVvVvV( f&0&VG&VVfVB'6VF FG&W2bFR6VFR&c"FR6'7FF&FFrBv6&6W2( 'W06V6F@6F676f6F77FVf"6f6W'fG2B֖ƗF'BVf&V@W'6V( 'WB27FVFr@FR6VFRFR&62F&6PFR6'bFR&W6FVBF֖Ɩ6&WB6V7&WF&W26V@fR6&W2V6b *c *FF*( `W&7VW"f&WB6VFR&W2rV֖v6FFFvrB"6v旖62'FRvbVR&606B6R2FRWBvW&gV&60F&W6FR6svB&W@W"'&B&v&rbRv22e&V6VB66Rv7BeV$$ЧvFVfFVǒ'Vf"&W6FVB##"bFRUBff'2BF&v6&v&W&G( &&v( 旖&W6FV7$$rVƗ267FFFvrFvVVRF6rv&&7Fp&( `FBvv6rFR&W6FVFVV7F&G&'VUBv6FW0VV7F&&FW7Bbf&W"6V&v&r&62v7BeV搥&'&VFvVB7F'Bג&V6VFrb&G267BFR#`&W6FVF2&6B6V@B6vVvVBBVG2֖Ɩ0uurĕT4Uu5DD4ЦVGV6F'2&vG2WF2BFw26VB&RV&B"6VVvfW&VB֖7G&W2^( &RFVƖpvF6VFrƖ6Rff6W'2F&vFF66Fࢢ4%@$DU#琧F26&֖rg&VG0BvF&6f"א&V6fW'g&גBW'v@&W72R