Philippine Asian News Today Vol 20 No 5 - Page 26

26 PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY March 1 - 15, 2018 Thoroughbreds (PG) ** By Alan Samuel Demon Seed! Two girls linked by childhood open all sorts of new wounds in the horrific Thoroughbreds. Do not confuse the title of this Universal Pictures thriller white horses though this drama takes place among the horsey set.. The two gals enjoy horsing around which occurs around a wealthy estate as jealousies turn into out and out assaults. Get ready for slow-building jolts as the tension mounts now churning stomachs at Cineplex theatres across B.C. Good intentions can sometimes go astray. Take the case of Lily. Born to wealth and privilege is Anya Taylor-Joy. She does a good job playing the stuck up rich girl. When good old mom suggests she help Amanda, a troubled childhood friend who can say no? Smart as a whip as this messed up depressed girl is Olivia Cooke. Ms. Cooke cooks up quite the performance as the mixed up girl. Together these two young women become embroiled in a deadly mental game of show me- kill me with their anger directed against the man who has befriended Lilly’s mom. Anton Yelchin comes on strong as a domineering step-dad who runs afoul of these two lethal lovelies. Any way you slice it Thoroughbreds works well as a pretty creepy thriller whose slow- build pays off. All the performances are good and the setting of wealth perfectly matches the depraved natures of two little ladies whose penchant for passion and pain proves to be a lethal combination. QUIZANOVA Fil-Am child actor Deric in ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Filipino-American child actor Deric McCabe plays one of the lead characters in Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time,” alongside Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine. McCabe plays Charles Wallace Murry, a precocious child who’s wise beyond his years. Born in Whitesh, Mont. and raised in Los Angeles, Deric is a 4th grade student who enjoys choreographing his own dance routines, practicing Taekwondo—as a blue belt— and playing video games. Director Ava DuVernay narrates how they discovered Deric. “We did a worldwide search for Charles Wallace, you needed a boy who was six years old and could be a sweet boy at the top, and turn into the bad seed and evil at the end. All over the world, we had 19 local casting directors, all reporting to Aisha Coley, my main casting director. Any place where people spoke English we looked, and we ended up finding him in Burbank. He lived by the Ikea, three minutes from Disney. This kid came in, and he is something else. He really is a find. The fact that he was a Filipino-American boy, first Disney was like, how is this going to fit in? And I said, I really want him in the family, this is the boy. So let’s expand the boundaries even more and figure out how he could be in this family. And so we started to play with the idea of can we make this family not only interracial, but also a family with an adopted boy? It made it even more emotional when Meg says I will not leave my brother. Two different journalists today came up to me and said that they burst into tears there because they were adopted and to have someone fight for them in the family like they were blood, really was moving to them.” (Malaya) Test No. 4 : Entertainment 1. Halted as the `God of Manga,`` Osama Tezuka created what pioneering TV anime series in 1963?   a. Mazinger Z   b. Astro Boy 2. A Typical orchestra always tunes its concert pitch to ``A`` because every string instrument has an ``A`` string.   a. True   b. False 3. What film characters use a vehicle with the personalized license plate ``ECTO 1``?   a. X-Men   b. Addams Family   c. Ghostbusters   d. Charlie`s Angels 4. Which singer inspired the Internet meme and prank known as `rickrolling``?   a. Rick Springfield   b. Ricky Martin   c. Little Richard   d. Rick Astley 5.Well, blow me down!! Ham Gravy was the original boyfriend of what cartoon damsel?   a. Kim Possible   b. Betty Boop  c. Olive Oyl  d. Minnie Mouse 6. Sione Kelepi is the name of the chubby dancer in what Meghan Trainor music video? 7. What often-heard work by 19th-century German composer Felix Mandelssohn is usually played on a church pipe organ? 8. What Nirvana song boosted the sales of a certain deodorant in 1991? 9. What term was coined in the 1930s to describe a media personality who `rides the airwaves`? 10. What tenor was the first recording star in history, selling more than a million copies of his 1902 version of ``Vesti la Guiubba`` from the opera Pagliacci? ANSWERS NEXT PAGE WWW.PHILIPPINEASIANNEWSTODAY.COM