Philippine Asian News Today Vol 20 No 5 - Page 25

March 1 - 15, 2018 PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY 25 Our fearful world needs audacious love- Pope Francis In a world that has grown afraid, Pope Francis reflected on the importance of mercy and love, praising the work of the Community of St. Egidio and reminding Christians that they must share the gift that God has given them. “Christians, by their very vocation, are brothers and sisters to every person, especially the poor, even though a person may be their enemy,” the Pope told a March 11 gathering of the Community of St. Egidio in Rome’s Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere. “Never say ‘I have nothing to do with this.’ Merciful eyes commit us to living the creative audaciousness of love, and there is so much need of it!” he continued. “We are everyone’s brothers and sisters, and for this reason we are prophets of a new world; and the Church is a sign of the unity of the human race, among nations, families and cultures.” The St. Egidio Community was founded in 1968 by Andrea Riccardi in a secondary school in Rome. It provides various forms of social outreach to the impoverished, homeless, refugees and immigrants, elderly, disabled, and young people. It is also active in peace efforts. The community also invites people to participate in a deeper life of prayer. Pope Francis visited the community for its their fiftieth anniversary celebrations. In his remarks, he reflected on the Parable of the Talents, noting that the servant who buried his talent justified his action out of fear. “This man was unable to invest the talent in the future, because he allowed himself to be counseled by fear,” the Pope said, adding “The world today is often inhabited by fear. It is an ancient disease: the call not to be afraid often recurs in the Bible.” “Our time experiences great fear as it faces the vast dimensions of globalization. And fear often turns against people who are foreign, different, poor, as if they were enemies,” he said. “So then we defend ourselves from these people, and we believe we are preserving what we have and what we are. The atmosphere of fear can infect also those Christians who hide the gift they have received, like the servant in the parable: they do not invest it in the future, they do not share it with others, they preserve it for themselves.” “When we are alone, we are easily the victims of fear. But your path directs you to look at the future together: not alone, not by yourselves. Together with the Church,” he told the community. The state of the world was a focus for the pontiff. “The future of the world seems uncertain. Look at how many open wars there are!” he said. “I am aware that you pray and work for peace. Let us think of the sorrows of the Syrian people, whose refugees you have welcomed in Europe through the ‘humanitarian corridors’. How is it possible, after the tragedies of the twentieth century, to fall back into the same foolish scheme? But the Word of the Lord is light in the darkness, and it gives hope for peace; it helps us not to be afraid even before the power WWW.PHILIPPINEASIANNEWSTODAY.COM of evil.” He cited a phrase from the Psalm 3( ŖW"v&B2FאfVWBBƖvBFגF( Ю( FRv&BbvB2&FV7FV@RFR7Bg&FRFVFF0bFVwBFFBFVƗfW'2Pg&FRF֖FFbfV"f"F0&V6W'BRFfRFR&&RB7VB7&V6vǒ&RFPvFB( R6B( WfW'R6f@BFR6W&6RbW&7f"FR"Bf"F6Rv&RvVFVB'ƖfPBv"( ХF22&F&v旦FBFfGVW&FfR6BFPR