Philippine Asian News Today Vol 20 No 5 - Page 22

22 PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY March 1 - 15, 2018 Athletes, stage actress, showbiz scions among ABS-CBN’s new contract stars THIRTEEN new faces have recently been unveiled by ABS-CBN as their newest bets for stardom. The country’s busiest talent building company, Star Magic signed up eight girls and five boys to its stable. The oldest of the girls is Anna Luna, who might not be the most famous of the newbies but has been bestowed an international award by the Five Continents International Film Festival in Venezuela for her performance in Lemuel Lorca’s “Maestra.” Theater trained, she first dipped her hands into acting as a thespian as young as 15 years old. Last year, she shone in the award-winning film “Changing Partners,” which also paved the way for her to catch the attention of starbuilder Johnny Manahan, who is Star Magic’s big boss. While many aspire for title films, Anna has but a simple wish now that she’s part of Star Magic Circle 2018 – to headline a “Maalaala Mo Kaya” episode. Tony Labrusca, 22, is the most famous name in the roster, owing to his role in the recently concluded primetime series “La Luna Sangre.” Tall, articulate and talented, Tony could very well be the poster boy of moving on what with his viral TV commercials for a local fast food giant. After that he became one of the successful products of “Pinoy Boyband Superstar,” despite failing to make it on the Top 5. Despite his venture into acting, performing onstage has always been in Tony’s blood as the son of actor-dancer Boom Labrusca and former Kulay singer Angel Jones. He has especially showcased his singing skills in “ASAP” and through his debut single “Tanging Ikaw,” which was released last year.  Also showbiz babies are Donny Pangilinan and Leila Alcasid, both 20 year old. Donny is the eldest son of Maricel Laxa and Anthony Pangilinan and is now a MYX VJ. He also sings and has two singles, “Did You” and “Different Kind of Love.” He is keen on acting, and is part of the Jose Javier Reyes film, “Walwal,” and the soap, “Playhouse.”   Leila, the eldest daughter of ex-couple Ogie Alcasid and Michelle Van Eimeren, excels in singing and r e c e n t l y released her first single, “Completely In Love With You.” She hopes to be able to star in a film with her dad in the future. Twenty- one- year- old Charlie Dizon is a graduate of Human Resource Management and was part of “Finally Found Someone,” “Loving in Tandem,” “Seven Sundays” and the latest primetime favorite, “Bagani.” Karl Gabriel, Yasmyne Suarez and Patty Mendoza are all aged 20. Karl signed up on Star Magic’s public acting workshop almost two years ago. He was unlucky during his audition for “Pinoy Boyband Superstar,” but then, he landed a role in “Wansapanataym” as a bully to Marco Gallo. In the long run, Karl hopes to be able to work with the likes of Liza Soberano.  Yasmyne is a graduate of theater from the New York University. She has appeared in last year’s “Spirit of the Glass” and dreams of starring in her very own Olivia Lamasan opus, a la “Starting Over Again.” Patty is f֖Ɩ"f6RG0Bv2F66fW&V@vRFVƖrVfW'6Gb6FF2vW&R6Pf6VBW"FVw&VRࠐf'&@&W2FW'6fW2fF&BW62Rv0'Bb( 46WN( @G&VB2V6( &&@7WW'7F"( 66PFRVBb27F@FR6WFF&W22&VV'BbFv6W'R( v6F( ЦW6FRB&P&V6VFǒ( 6FvrW6( *Vf&6fV@FRFR7WB( &&@7WW'7F.( 'WB6FVW2FG&VЦbrBFRVFW'FV@'W6W72&&VW'7VV@2VGV6FW7G&Ɩ'WBRFVfVBFvW&R2FW"0r&6VBBFRVBR2'@b( 6FvrW6( B^( 06f6r2f'7BFWVFV@ff"6VffW7FfࠐVbf'7B'&PuurĕT4Uu5DD4ЦF7G&V666W6W720FR( &76֖r&VWGrVW6G( #Rb( &r'&FW s3r( 6R6W2g&f֖ǒ`7vW'2BG&V2brW&B6R6fW2F6pB7FrBv2'Bb( We^( ЦB( FR&֗6Rbf&WfW"( РFV7G&W"B6FfFV&RFR&&W2bFR&F6@RFV2fvW&B6F2f&vVF&FG&V`7F'&r&62