Philippine Asian News Today Vol 20 No 5 - Page 19

DINAL LUIS TAGLE’S VANCOUVER VISIT by Filipino faithful in the Greater Vancouver Area stand without the Church, in the sense that they can practice their faith and their prayer life, and they just come to the Church for Sacraments. Otherwise, they’re on their own. They do their own mission work, charitable work outside of the Church. (The) challenge is how we can bring them in,” said Barcelon. Another big challenge he says is brought about by situations of people who are separated from the family first by parents working abroad, then they re- unite and their expressions of living the faith are not there anymore. “Hindi na nade-develop in the family because of the fragmented family structure,” added Barcelon. The Deacon says there is also the new culture they come into and the need to survive by quickly taking on the values of the local culture and somehow neglecting the basic Christian values of Filipinos. He says this is the reason why many are having difficulties with the younger generations. Why is Cardinal Tagle’s visit relevant for the community today? At the World Meeting of Families in 2015, Cardinal Tagle described the family as “a home for the wounded heart”. He said that while the wounds may come from the family, it is also the family that becomes the source of comfort and healing. He is expected to touch more on the same theme during his talk in Vancouver. The cardinal’s visit will begin with the celebration of a mass at the Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver at 12:30 noon of the same day. Cardinal Tagle’s talk will be in the evening with an opening performance at 6pm followed by a welcome address given by Rev. Archbishop Michael Miller. Tickets for Cardinal Tagle’s event can still be purchased at the RCAV’s website at http://rcav. org/event/cardinal-tagle/. lue life of enemies, outcasts who seems to have lost his way in life, do we see him as a gift of life, or an outcast of society that we should sweep away and discard?” Police estimated the number of participants to be around 2,000, as members of Catholic lay groups and