Philippine Asian News Today Vol 20 No 5 - Page 17

March 1 - 15, 2018 PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY Fluent in Tagalog, English, Mandarin and Fookien Dialect We Accept Most Dental Plans Monday-Saturday Convenient Private and Public Parking RICHMOND DENTAL BUILDING Suite 100 - 6480 Buswell Street Richmond, B.C. V6Y 2E9 Dr. Florence C. Uy Family Dentist Watch CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT 604-278-9877 PNC (Philippine News Canada / Balitang Vancouver) MONDAYS 8pm AT SHAW CHANNEL 4 HEP BEWARE!!! A free screening project to promote early diagnosis of Hepatitis B among the Filipino Community in Greater Vancouver for early detection to help save lives is a project co-led by Canadian Liver Foundation-BC Region thru its President, Dr. Francis Ho, and Dr. Peter Kwan of the Vancouver General Hospital. An information session will be held on April 7, 2018 from 1:00 PM at the facilities of Multicultural Helping House Society #4802 Fraser St., Vancouver, with an outstanding Hepatologist, Dr. Eric Yoshida, to be the guest speaker. Hepatitis B is a “silent killer”. The disease does not exhibit any signs or symptoms for up to 20-30 years. If left unchecked, it can lead to liver failure, liver cancer, and death. There are over 100 forms of liver disease but Hepatitis B is hyper endemic in the Philippines with a &FRbbrRFRGVBVFfW FRvRb#BGVRFFRf7BFBFVvV旦F&w&v2G&GV6VB"֖f66F2B&VV'6W'fVBB0"VF77VRrFRfƗ2FR&V7B2gVǒ7W'FVB'VF7VGW&VrW6RB6W&W26FfVFFf"&Rf&F&Vv&FrFR67&VVp&6W72V6R6cBSSC2uurĕT4Uu5DD4Уp