Philippine Asian News Today Vol 20 No 5 - Page 14

14 PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY March 1 - 15, 2018 Environmental Heroes... and he is doing them slowly, one step at a time, with the help of his motivated family and community members. On a personal note, my husband and I met Toto when he was still a student and a committed member of the Junior Operation Brotherhood International or the JOB. Sonny, my late hubby founded with Oscar J. Arellano of OB International the student organization for community development. I reconnected with Toto and the JOBees at a recent reunion.. As with the other JOBees, I am very proud of this community hero and his family! * * * The Philippine National Police- National Capital Region Police Office (PNP-NCRPO) recently got a big boost in its anti-criminality efforts in Metro Manila with a P3.6 million financial aid from PAGCOR to buy patrol motorcycles. PNP-NCRPO director Oscar Albayalde accepted PAGCOR’s donation from chairman and CEO Andrea Domingo in a simple turnover ceremony. He was joined by Manila Police District (MPD) director Joel Napoleon Coronel and other officials of the PNP-NCRPO. According to Albayalde, the lack of motorcycles to use has been hampering their conduct of the Motorcycle Riding Course among their personnel. The police official lamented the longer period it takes to finish the training due to the unavailability of big bikes that they borrow from the Highway Patrol Group (HPG). “We didn’t think twice about extending the much-needed financial aid to the PNP-NCRPO for the purchase of motorcycles, knowing that it will help boost their campaign in keeping the streets of Metro Manila safe from criminals. We need to enliven further our tourism indus G'BvR6ǐFF2bvRfR6fRBV6VgVWG&Ɨ2( F֖vWVBࢆ"6Ґ֖7FW"vVBV6W2&fVVG2FFR6VFPFVG2&6W72( 2Ɩ6F2VrEDtfV''V'##( 2VWrvFW"FFPF&W7F&R6F>( G'W7BBЦ7&V6R'F6F6F( 0FV7&F2&6W76W2FRЦW&&R&vVB֖7FW bFV7&F27FGWF2FFV6VB6W&W2b&fRЦVG2FFRFWVFVB6VFPFVG2&6W72r@V6W"f"6F2Fǒf"6VBFR6VFRख&fVVG2FFR6VFPFVG2&6W726VFSVWrƖ6F2V৖V"&VB66F2&R&PFǒf"6VFRFV@BFS&WFr7V&֗GFVBƖ6ЧF2f"GvV'26FBFЧfGV26&R66FW&VBf"ЧFVBFFR6VFRF&VvЦWBFRGvV'2fvrFP7V&֗76bFV"Ɩ6F㰦BFFrFR&ƗGf"&vЧF2"FfGV2F֖FPFVF6FFFW2ख&FW"FRFR6VFPW72'F6G2&RF&fFP( 6&W"6V6BFVvN( B&WЧ&W6VB&VvB֖&GFW"ЦW7G2FRvfW&VBb6FVVBFR6VV7F&6W72f 6VF'2#bFr6ЦF2FǒFRvfW&ЦVBb6FW7F&Ɨ6VBFPFWVFVBGf6'&&Bf 6VFRFVG2FRЧVFVBB'F6&GFFVBF&fFR&FrW&B&6VB&V6VFF2FFR&R֖7FW"6VFRЧFVG2VFW0( FR7G&VwFbW FV7&7FWVG26F0g&&6w&VG27FfVǐ'F6FrW"FV7&F07FGWF2V6VBF@FRvfW&VBb6F0&frFR6VFRƖ6F&6W72&FW"FV7W&RF@uurĕT4Uu5DD4ЧvR6&V6FRvW7B6Ɩ'&P6FFFW0f FVBऒV6W&vRVƖfVB@FW&W7FVB6F2FFPGfFvRbF2'GVG'ǖrf"6VFR6V@FV6VfW2"'֖FrFVF6FFFR(