Philippine Asian News Today Vol 20 No 5 - Page 11

March 1 - 15, 2018 PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY IMMIGRATION 11 FILCO-OP OFFICERS ATTEND TELECOM PROGRAM ORIENTATION An orientation for the officers of One Filipino Co-operative of BC (FilCo-op) about the Co-op Telecom Program was held on March 10, 2018, in the office of the Cooperative Housing Federation of BC (CHF_BC). Mr. Arnold Sang, Program Director of the CHF_BC Co-op Telecom with the assistance of Telus representative Michelle Mydske, spelled out how the program works. The Co-op Telecom Program is a service exclusive to CHF_BC member co-op. As a CHF_BC member, FilCo-op explored how this program could benefit its members. As a pilot initiative, the partner agencies are expected to derive valuable lessons and insights from this tie-up. CHF_BC and TELUS have established a partnership to provide HDTV, high-speed Internet and home phone through TELUS Home Services for CHF_BC members. The Co-op Telecom Program will provide savings of up to 50% off retail rates on individual or bundled services for members of CHF_BC-affiliated co- operatives. FilCo-op is excited about the savings its members will gain if they signed up for this packaged service. The FilCo-op Board will discuss the proposed tie-up during its monthly meeting on March 24. If approved, CHF_BC and FilCo-op are expected to sign an agreement sometime next month.  A “mass sign-up” of interested FilCo- op members is slated for their 9th Annual General Meeting on May 5, 2018 at the Killarney Community Center. Sa mga nais maging bahagi at maging member ng kauna-unahang Kooperatibang Pinoy sa BC, mayroon pong monthly Pre-Membership Education Seminar. Makipag- ugnayan lang po sa Tel. 604-780- 2061,  email: filcoopbc@yahoo. ca, facebook: Filipino Cooperative One Fil Coop Officers with Mr. Arnold Sang, Program Director of the CHF_BC Co-op Telecom Program and Ms Michelle Mydske of Telus. website: www. “One Filipino Co-operative of BC (FilCo-op), the first-ever Filipino co-operative organization in BC was launched on October 31, 2009. FilCo- op’s objective is to enhance the lives of the members, our kababayans, and support one another through cooperative effort or bayanihan.  It is founded on the principles of self-help, responsibility, equality, democratic governance, focus on services to members, equitable distribution of benefits and earnings, and commitment for community growth and development. MATUTULUNGAN KA NA, MAKAKATULONG KA PA KAYANG-KAYA KUNG SAMA- SAMA! Get Pre-Approved before you go House Hunting MYLENE LIM, AMP Licensed Mortgage Specialist Before you embark on your quest to look for that dream home of yours, there are a few important factors you need to know. There is nothing more discouraging than having spent days, if not months, looking around at properties for sale, going to open houses, envisioning the décor or the upgrades you want on a property you have your eye on and only to find out that you will not be able to get a mortgage for that property. Especially with the current market and all the new regulations in effect, you have to make sure all your ducks are in a row before you embark on your house-hunting quest. So let’s review what you would need to consider: 1) How much mortgage will you be approved for? How much mortgage you qualify for is determined by how much income you make, how much debt you already carry such as credit card bills, car loans, student loans, how is your credit rating, how much down payment you are going to put, and what are the property costs such as property tax, strata fee and heating. All factored in, your monthly financial obligations, including your housing costs, should generally be around 44% of your gross monthly income. 2) What kind of property should you be considering? What kind of property you should consider will be largely dependent on your finances and what you are planning for the property. If you are planning on getting a mortgage helper to help defray a portion of the mortgage payment, you would need to get property with a self-contained suite -normally a basement with its own entrance, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining room. 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