Philippine Asian News Today Vol 20 No 16 - Page 4

HEADLINES  PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY August 16 - 31, 2018 Filipinos in spotlight at September 1-3 TaiwanFest in Downtown Vancouver One of the biggest cultural festivals in Canada will focus this year on Filipinos and their connections to the Taiwanese people. Called TaiwanFest, the event features the theme Fete with the Philippines, which will be held from September 1 to September 3 in various venues in Downtown Vancouver, primarily Granville Street. The 500 block of Granville Street is designated as Pinoy block for three days from Saturday to Monday. Are Filipinos and Taiwanese neighbors or relatives? A Kalinga weaver, Irene Joy Bawer-Bimuyag, went to Taiwan and discovered she could actually understand some of the spoken languages by Taiwan’s indigenous peoples. Moreover, there were also drawings or symbols used in the tribes that were almost identical to those from her village. TAIWANfest, happening this weekend in Downtown Vancouver from Saturday to Monday, is about to explore the many unspoken ties between Taiwan and the Philippines. Austronesian connection isn’t the only ties between the indigenous peoples of the two island nations, said Charlie Wu, the managing director of the festival. “Filipino migrant workers play important roles in enhancing Taiwan’s economy as well as caring for the aging society. Over the years, many Taiwanese see the migrant workers as their family members and some even went out of their ways to support the migrants.” Meet Asuka Lee, a young Taiwanese man who founded an independent media to be the voice for all migrants in Taiwan. “I want to make sure they have a voice to support them and make sure they are treated fairly in Taiwan. Most importantly, I want to let people know that they are just like all of us who have dreams to be musicians, designers and artists,” said Asuka. Also participating as part of this year’s festival are Gen Huang and Mario Subeldia, both of whom are Filipinos. Gen Huang’s husband is Taiwanese and they both now live in Taiwan. Gen’s passion is her philanthropic organization –PhilTaithe Voice, an organization set up to assist children in a rural area of the Philippines. Mario has just received his artist resident permit in Taiwan after 7 years of working as a migrant worker; he is one of the first Filipino with such achievement. Why did TAIWANfest invite Mario and Gen? “They are not only inspiration for the Filipinos in Taiwan; they are also our brothers and sisters!” said Wu. F o r m o r e information o n TAIWANfest programs a n d schedules, please visit taiwanfest. ca. The event is free of admission. Mario Subeldia Gen Huang Asuka Lee 11955 8th Avenue, Delta, BC 604 501 604 0963 501 0963 11955 88th Avenue, Delta, BC • 604 501 0963 • • WWW.PHILIPPINEASIANNEWSTODAY.COM lamezagrill