Philippine Asian News Today Vol 20 No 16 - Page 29

August 16 - 31, 2018 PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY SPORTS 29 Include sports facilities in government’s build … build …. build program -- Romero It’s been 64 years ago since the Philippines a big sporting event in the magnitude of the Asian Games, which were held in Manila in 1954 but never to return again. But if Congressman Mikee Romero, who represents 1-Pacman Party list in the Lower House will have his way, sports-loving Filipinos can again be given a chance to watch their countrymen strut wares with the best and finest from other countries. Cong. Romero even went the extent of hosting the biggest sports conclave in the world – the Olympic Games -- if only the once adequate infrastructure, including a modern international airport, are built under the government’s current build … build … build program. Romero, a strong advocate of youth and sports development program in congress, said it is high time for the administration to look at international sports events as a vehicle to attract to the country as a source, too, economic growth. “Many studies show the positive correlation of sports tourism through the hosting of sporting events like the Olympics, and World Cup in several sports with the boost in tourism revenues as well as economic activities for the hosting country,” Romero said. To boost the country’s stature as a sports host, Romero pointed out that better ancillary infrastructure is needed. He cited the country’s lack of infrastructure as one of the reasons why the Philippines failed to win its bid to host 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup against eventual winner China. “While we are trumpeting our people’s passion for basketball, it was China which won the right because of its government’s support and the existence of adequate infrastructure as well as transportation facilities like roads, playing venues and even its airport, he stressed “That’s besides China’s the sterling record of hosting international competitions like the Asian Games and even the Olympics, “Romero recalled. “So if we re really looking forward to hosting the Asian Games again after 64 years or even the Olympics, then we should really take a look at our tourism as well as transport infrastructure like a new international gateway,” he suggested. Romero pointed out that while the Philippines has already started building modern sports infrastructure in preparation for the country’s hosting of the 30th Southeast Asian Games net year, this is also the opportune time to start building an airport in preparation for bigger sports competitions. Romero added that in the mold of modern airports like those in Singapore (Changi) and Incheon (South Korea), San Miguel’s proposed Bulacan or the New Manila International Airport appears to be the most suited for the country’s growing needs as both can accommodate more tourists, and spur development both locally and at a national level. The Party list lawma W"6BF@26&VBFFRƖ֗FVB'Vvf6ƗFW2bFRFR&6V@'V6''BvfRfW"'Vv0vFFR&f6f"Gv&RFPgWGW&RB62FW&FW&֖BG&7'FFg&7G'V7GW&RƖR&G2G&77FVBWfVfW''&WFR( ĖbvR7F'B'VFrBr@6WFRBffRV'2F2''Bv&fRW"&ƗGFFR&vPV&W"b76VvW'22vV2&PFW&FfƖvG2rvFFP&fVVG2W"7'G2f6ƗFW2vR6RFfRf"7Fr&vG0bFW&F6WFF2@6v66RW"FW&6GG&7F2( P&V6VBWB( W"Vv&'2fR6vV@W2r7'G2fwW&W2F'VFrBFWfVVBFW62r7FrFR6vW2vPFB7FVBFR6Bf"fW FW2&VGcbssvFWBWfV6Frff6fwW&W2vR66VRFBFW&Rf VBFW&66&VBFW2( Х&W&FFVB&W&6BFB6RFRWp''B26WFVBFR6FR`FR&W6VB66G6&RFV6Rf"FW&7'G06WrvF6W&6@&W6FVFFWfVVB&v旦F6VB&fFRFRW0bVFvW2B&VfW&VW2B66FW'0VƖfVBf"FB6Ɩ&W"&WB'W@ǒFR6֗766VB@VFvW2B&VfW&VW2F'F6FRFRF6W27VrFR6VFPf"46WfVBFRv&G2`f&W"7'G7w&FW"ג6v6VB&rFR( &VBƖvBbfƗ&rw&VBBp6VF"7VVBFPf֖ǒbFRFRR26VF"46BFRW&6VRW&rFRFVFbFR&vW"6V46FVBƗF6Ч7'G6f&W &W6FVF6FFFRBf&W"ffF"76VBv6GW&Fb'&66W"Rv2( 6V4627G&p7W'FW"b7'G2'F7V&ǐ&r2FVF2&r72BǐF&r'WB7'G22vR( FPVvBFf66B7W'&V@t$&VBvW"6BrG&'WFPF2fVfVrvW"( Ē2f֖ǒFRW&6VRBFRVF&R7'G06VG'F7V&ǒFR&pv&BW&r2FVF( Х7VFBF2w&FW"rЦF7F6R66V46vfVvB0FWW"vRBFRR2f6FVג2&VV&W&VB2R`FRv&6VBVBvgFW 7V( 26G&fW'67ƗBFV6672FFVVFVfVFVBFF'&FWFRf'7BbFRGvfvFW'>( G&wVR#"GvbFRVFvW2vv&V@FRvVFW'vVvBfvB7V&֗GFV@FVF6R2f"'&FWvPFRFW"66&VBBR2f 7VFB6W6VBFRfƗF6R2CrVBt$7&v6V&vVBv2FRV&Ɩ>( 0WF7'FB'&FW( 2F7WFVBv&V6RRbFR7B6G&fW'6FV662FR7F'b&rf&6rt$&W6FVBg&666( 6( f6&6VF7&VFRখFWVFVBffRVbVFvW0F&WfWrFRFV66FR&W7VG2bFR&WfWpbFRVFvW2vvvW&P66Ɨ6VBvFv&BFFPWW&V6R6r7VFRvW 'VW2rrb"BR2FR6G&fW'7WfV&V6V@FRbFRR26VFRvF46BWfF6VFW''@&GVFW"''&VBf&W ֖FFWvVvBfvFW"6VbfƖr&6Ɩrf"FRW7F&Ɨ6VBbR2&r6֗76FfW'6VPF6W2FRVFVB7FFW2@&W7F&RFVw&GFFR7'Bb7vVW@66V6RVFW"FR&6VBVv6F&VfW&VW2BVFvW2'F6Fr66"&fW76fv@7Fr&VG2"&RvVBfPF&RgVǒ&Vv7FW&VBBƖ6V6V@'FR6֗7667Fr7'G2( Ф46v6WF&V@FRVBƒ&r&Vf&Ф7Bb6BFR&V6VBF7WFP7FV֖rg&FRvVFW'vVvB&W@&WGvVV'&FWB7V( Ɨ0FRFW7BWRbFRVvFFPF7G'W7B&rf2fRf"FPFVw&GbFR7'B( ТF'vVFVƖV&F07VW&26V46( 2FVF'VƖ&f'FW7vW'2g&7BvVV( 277VS6W7FW"VFVN( 2vW"26RW&"FR6V627W'&VFǒfR6F2W2v2FRVvW7BTd26WfW WrVW7F3v2FRvW"f"&VG&C"v2FR6FbFRWr&&vW'32vv2FRFW7BTd26bFSuurĕT4Uu5DD4