Philippine Asian News Today Vol 20 No 16 - Page 16

16 PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY August 16 - 31, 2018 T N P s M BIRTHDAY: July 7 PLACE OF BIRTH: North Vancouver, BC PRESENT CITY: Vancouver, BC PROFESSION: Biomedical Physiology Student BIGGEST INFLUENCE: As a child, Britney Spears and Hillary Duff CURRENT PROJECTS: Finishing my degree FAV. ACTORS: Kate Winslet, Leonardo Decaprio, Will Ferrell, Tom Hanks FAV. VOCALISTS: Mariah Carey, Miguel, SZA, Jorah Smith FAV QUOTE: “What you think, you become” Filipino Canada Association of the East Kootenay The Vancouver Philippine Consulate General together with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office, SSS and Landbank conducted a consular outreach in Cranbrook on August 18, 2018 at the Days Inn. The outreach coincided with the annual picnic sponsored by the Multi-Cultural Society of the East Kootenay. The Filipino Canada Association of the East Kootenay had a tent and served Filipino dishes which have become favorites among local residents. Eduardo ‘Edz” Valdez honoured at Knights of Columbus international convention Eduardo ‘Edz’ Valdez has been recognized for two years in a row for being the top recruiter of the Knights of Columbus worldwide. Valdez of Surrey, British Columbia was honoured in the August 7-9, 2018 Supreme Convention of the Catholic fraternal order held in Baltimore, Maryland. “Each fraternal year, the Supreme Council Board of Directors recognizes individual Knights, councils, and assemblies for outstanding achievement in the areas of charitable outreach, V&W'6w&wF@&WFVFg&FW&VFW'6@7W&6R6W2B6W'f6R( FPvG2b6V'W2V6VB( FR&FW.( 2&6W2( B6&GVGg&FW&GBG&F6( @6FVRFwVFRbG2&w&0BFFfW2F2&V6vF6v66W2FR&W7BWW2bF6P&6W2WfW'F&7F6R( ФBFR3gF6fVFFPvG2b6V'W2FV6&VBfFW2FR#r#&V6VBbFP&FW'vFRF&V7'VFW"v&B&V7'VFrV&W'2F2g&FW&V"7BV"BFR3WF7W&VR6fVFV@7BV2֗76W&fFWv26W&VB2FP&V6VBbFR#b#p&FW'vFRF&V7'VFW v&Bf"'&vr# V&W'2fFW"֖6V4vfWfVFV@FPvG2b6V'W2"fFW"4vfW26FFFRf 6FB26W6Rf"6旦Fগ2VBRv2vfVFRFFP( fVW&&R6W'fBbvN( 'FPuurĕT4Uu5DD4Фǒ6VR#FRvG2b6V'W2FF6VG2V&ǒGv֖ƖV&W'0@fW"R6V60v&GvFR