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V3R 7N2 Email: Website: Tel: (604) 588-news (6397) Fax: (604) 588-6387 Copyright of letters and other materials submitted and accepted for publication remains with the author, but the Publisher may freely reproduce them in any other forms. Opini ons and views expressed are of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY. E-mail: Trudeau’s Selfie Stick Breaking Point speech that his justice minister, the former B.C. chief Jody Wilson-Raybould, said the UN declaration was “unworkable” and that Canada was not happy about it. Second, his speech was self-serving. The PM’s “humblebrag speech” sounded much like he was still on a campaign trail (which pretty much marks his governance, as he, until now, kisses orphans and takes selfies wherever he goes). The problem is, he was addressing the UN, not Canadian teenagers and young people who will vote for him and his bedimpled smile.  He continued to brag his government’s efforts to correct past wrongs, one of which was not truthful, since despite his claim that his government is a “full supporter” of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, it has actually repeatedly hedged about clauses that appear to give native people the right to declare unilateral independence, and to veto development that was not beneficial for them. Third, he continued washing his dirty laundry in public, trying his best to discredit his predecessor By Rosette Correa I am a speech writer, and I know what words to use to catch the audience’s specific emotions – happiness, anger, enthusiasm, indifference, etc. but I have never, in my twenty years or so, writing speeches for different people and different careers, have I ever been ambiguous. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s UN speech was not only ambiguous, it left the entire world, including Canada, staring at their televisions, with their jaws dropping and saying, “What was he thinking?” First of all, it was a United Nations gathering of leaders, all concerned about the state of affairs of the whole world – North Korea, the Rohingya, or United Nations reform, to name three topics that figured into the speeches of dozens of leaders at the general assembly. Trudeau’s speech, however,  was about Canada’s embarrassing history, in particular residential schools, and how the administrators of those schools treated Aboriginal children. Trudeau thought that his speech would further concretize  Canada’s endorsement of the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Rights, but he was reminded by reporter after his Bulong Pulungan the opportunity to secure the non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council and address the issues on UN Peacekeeping efforts of Canada and climate change initiatives. Listening to him made me think what kind of speech writer he has, and why, of all fora, did the writer choose to deal with the dirty laundry at the UN. The poor writer had his own agenda in mind, and because Trudeau wasn’t thinking because he was fixing his coiffure, he didn’t think to go over the speech before he gave it. That lost Canada plenty of precious UN time that some of us cannot fathom he would waste. Trudeau’s UN speech was a reflection of what he truly thinks of Canada – him and the country at the end of a selfie stick, isolated, and one that couldn’t care less. Coalition is bent on licking cancer gathering we hold here, Reprinted from Manila Bulletin thanks to his only daughter Angel Thoughts  H.O.P.E – Hold On, Malu Antonio Veloso, the bridal and debut designer. Pain Ends.—Anonymous But let’s not forget Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all Antonio’s wife Marina Reyes of the darkness. —Desmond was very much an achiever in her own right. Tutu When the two were *************** The one-storey heritage introduced by their mutual house of National Artist clients Speaker and Mrs. architect Pablo Antonio at Jose Yulo, Marina was already 2650 Zamora Street, Pasay an accomplished fashion amid lush trees and plants designer known for her dainty, typifies tropical architecture romantic renditions of the with eco-friendly features Filipiniana. What attracted way before the trend started. Pablo Antonio was in fact the It’s still stylish up to now, and way she had decorated the one of my favorite luncheon house she was living in. He destinations. Every Maryknoll was to later say that he could By Deedee Siytangco Prime Minister Stephen Harper, by saying that his government’s controversial proposal to close tax loopholes for small business corporations was underway - not that the UN really needed to hear about that. What the UN was really waiting for in Trudeau’s speech, which he did not deliver, was his government’s stand about Canada’s role in the UN peacekeeping mission. Many of Canada’s allies are becoming increasingly frustrated with its dilly-dallying on delivering on this promise. Even in a press conference after his speech, Trudeau had no answers about when a decision might be made. Environmental activists have also grown increasingly frustrated at the Trudeau government’s snail pace on the climate change file. Despite the conferences, workshops, plenaries and meetings,  Canada’s greenhouse gas reduction framework is the one Stephen Harper put in place. So, is Trudeau’s selfie stick taking him too far away from the real issues, or does he feel so much better criticizing others and skirting the issue, shaking his hands and saying, “It wasn’t me!” He certainly wanted the UN to know about it badly enough to miss not have married someone who didn’t know how to fix her house. Their union led to the birth of a daughter, Malu and five sons namely Pablo Jr., Victor, Luis, Ramon, and Francis. They also had an adopted daughter Annette. All would follow their footsteps into the realms of architecture, art, and fashion design. Marina’s love of food, flowers, and the art of fixing both home and garden were also passed along even to the fourth generation of Antonios. To celebrate Marina’s birth anniversary, an old fashioned salon type show will be held on Sept. 30 at the Zamora house. Clients, daughters of clients, and Marina’s own great granddaughters will model her classic ternos and wedding gowns at a high tea. It will be a v isit from another era when times were gentle and slower, when fittings with clients revolved around entertaining amid the lush greenery of the Antonio abode. “Love, Marina” will highlight not just fashion but also the food specialties of the Garden Room and a new exhibit from the Vibrant Art Studio in the Yellow Room. And as a nod to the quickly approaching Christmas season, there will be art and fashion as gift items for sale, WWW.PHILIPPINEASIANNEWSTODAY.COM as well as flowers and edible gifts. This will be the first annual fashion event at the heritage home of Pablo Antonio and his wife Marina, to be held every September. For inquiries call 02 831 8407, 63 917 539 3940 (Vicky), and 63 937 370 9615 (Letlet) * * * With almost 110,000 new cancer cases per year and over 66,000 cancer deaths per year, Cancer Coalition Philippines is calling on congress to prioritize the passage of the proposed National Integrated Cancer Control Act to halt the increasing burden of cancer CONT PAGE 11