Philippine Asian News Today Vol 19 No 18 - Page 30

30 PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY September 16 - 30, 2017 SPECTATOR Why we finished 6th overall in SEA Games By Al Mendoza WHO is chiefly to blame for our worst finish in the just-ended SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur?  Our sports officials, who else?  Most of them are nothing but a bunch of NPAs for the longest time.  Of course, you al- ready know what NPA mean:  Never Performing Animals.  We sent 497 athletes to Kuala Lumpur and they brought home a measly 24 gold medals.  Good for sixth overall in the 11-nation meet.  In 2005, we won 113 gold medals and emerged overall champions.  Held every two years, we sank to fifth overall in 2007 in Bangkok with a terrible dip of 46 gold medals.  That triggered our decline in Asean sporting competition.  From 46 golds in 2007, we never got past 40 golds again in the succeeding five SEAG events. From champion in 2005, we finished fifth in 2007, seventh in 2009, fifth 2011, sixth in 2013 and sixth again in 2015.  This year, we were sixth overall again.  But what finish can we expect from a 24-gold medal output? champion  Overall Malaysia had 145 gold med- als.   That’s 121 more gold medals than our puny production.  And yet, before the Games, Malaysia had pre- dicted to win “only” 111 gold medals.  How about us?  Be calm, OK?  Cynthia Carrion, our chief of mission in Kuala Lumpur, pred 7FVBSv@VF2*BǒFBआW&^( 2&Rg&Ф6'&FRw7F72&W2ЦFVC*( ג&FW"&VF7Fগ2vRvVBvc2vBVBЦ2( Ь*vW&R6RvBF6PvG26RFF( B6*B6FVFVBvF&֖rW"7'7F&FW"F&G26R6B'vb6fW&rWf"W"RЦVF&&*( ĒFPF6R&VF7F2ǒFЧFfFRW"FWFW2( Ь*2FvrvVB6( גvB( Ь*2bF&6W0WBbF2v&B66R`6'&26VbFR֗76Wp6Vv66C*( WN( 2fRF#( Ь*Wrb6W'6R0FR7BfW'7Fr&W6ЦFVBbFRƗRǖЧ26֗GFVR2*'&Vr27@66R#BR6&V6W0FRW"7'Fpv&B**bR&V20&W6FVB'#vVFP4TvW22VBW&R0F&BFW&VG2##WrFR7FvV&066RF&VFVV6Vc&VFVF*@vVBVW"f7F'FP#4TvW3*&R*'WBFPrFBf'GVǒ6VЧG&W2FB7BFRvW2V@WfW&6>( GFP&V6&VrFBWfVB'VW0rf"FR7BFF6VV7Bv6F66ƖW2F&P6FW7FVB*FBvfW2FR7@6VG'VGVRGfFv^( @'WB'RvV&B&V6 GvFRV&W"F0B&VVvrBf"FRЦ6FW2*vFWW266VB*WBWrB6"Ч&FVG'VWB&WBFV WB7GWB6V&67G&FRЦvW2f"#*FRVFRvPƖ6W"vVG2*v6&v6&&@`WfVG0*tD6Ц"WfVG27&vFr&FFR6Bv&B7'Fp66VW2&V6VFǒB&@FR66rF2f"F077V^( 2ffW&r**6&v6&&B`WfVG2BfFVBFRBЧ66R&WvFW&rWfW'P7Bv66rB&W7BvVBFRFV"f7@fvrBFFRfW'VB*FW&R2FB2ЧVԆ&&VF67WЧ6VFǒF&VB&VGf fV&W""'WBvBFvV@WvV7VFR7VBЦFVǒV6VBBvVB&PVBFV6V&W"*WfVFW&66V7&RЧF'vFFV&BFR&@BvB'W&VBFR&Ц6W72*ǒvV7V6BFRfvBv&R#FB7V7VF2@6RFB*vV&r2VW6r6W'FG0FR7BVW6fRv&C6@27BW7FVBBvw&VR㓒W&6VB*BFVFW&Rv0FR'B77VRb6֖wVV&VW"FRw&B66VVpvW&W6RFRƗP&6WF&766F$*G267F'Bv0f'GVǒWF&VB'vVFV42FR7GW&'@FBfVBF&R&RFF6W&W2&7F6R*27VVFǒ2P6VBƖRFRV6'&vf4"66VW7G&F&Wr42WBBFF&'&FvV*'WBǒ6r'&FvRЦ&fVBF&RV`VVF&'F2**'&FvV&GV6V@W&R&6WB2FV'W@BvfV6V6B66RR( Ɩ&fVN( FfW"G027V66VVFrvRFV4"'6&"G26V6@7G&vB6WF&6*BvFrF6VP6fw&FFB6V@&R4.( 26G&V2FFRw&VBF&B'@v2FVvFFR7VVB`6VB*BvFFW'&V6PvG6FV'WFrvF#G2Br&V&VG24"v2&6FRvpG&6**ЦFW"7FW&Ɩp6V6BvP6VVFV@vG6( 27F@vFFR&VW"ЦV24 vVBWFR2B7VBЦFVǒ7vVWbG27BF&VPvW20'&vBFV&6fWFV@Gv6RF&V@&vFPV'FW&f2*@r6f"ЦvW@6P7FWV>( R2Vf2ЧF'fW"fVЦrW&6F6W3*7BV'7FWV2@fB7W&vW'6֖r&6Fǒ*@p6P2 6( FǐFP6V6@V6VVFV@&VBSwFvFvখFRVW&7F'Frc*r6RBfPuurĕT4Uu5DD4Ч7'G2FRW&Vf7F'bf7FGW&rf7C