Philippine Asian News Today Vol 19 No 18 - Page 26

26 PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY September 16 - 30, 2017 Indian Horse (PG) ***** Bad Influence! By Alan Samuel Vancouver International Film Festival No country is perfect. Not even Canada. Recent events have shed light on a truly ugly part of the Canadian past: The Residential School system. Leave it to a compassionate Canadian film producer and the vision of Elevation Pictures to shed light on this troubled discriminatory entrenched system. Relive some troubled times by taking in Indian Horse. Powerful performances and vivid imagery highlight this painful journey. Without doubt the toast of drama at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival Indian Horse is brilliantly filmed with a take no prisoners attitude. Despite the beauty of rural Ontario one can’t escape the tortured path taken by a young Aboriginal boy. Due to a family tragedy and literal abduction by some Canadian authority Saul is “places” in a residential school run by the church. Along with other children of Indian descent e child has his heritage and dignity stripped away from him. Even one in authority who allegedly cares for the children run up against a regimental system of brute force and Indoctrination designed to wipe out these kid’s self and turn them into puppet of the white man and their religious beliefs. Forget about charity. These kids are victimized and abused. Pure and simple. Sometimes the truth is not a pretty sight. Against his harsh remote backdrop of living inside a bubble Sol develops a fondness for hockey. Against all odds the boy excels at the sport - so much so that it allows him to break free of his imprisonment - or does it? Full of unmistakable symbolism and an honest portrayal of discrimination Sol ,faces both on and off the ice Indian Horse turns out to be an emotional experience that will likely bring tears to many an eye. This is one bit of Canadian history that must be exposed and Indian Horse does a better visualizing the pain and suffering better than any boring text book could ever achieve. For more information on the Vancouver International Film Festival go to or call (604) 683-3456 Showtimes: Saturday. Sept. 30 6:30 pm. The Vancouver Playhouse Monday Oct. 2 1:45 pm. The International Village Theatre Auditorium 10 Jericho Rosales: ‘John Lloyd is a good person’ SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS Jericho Rosales came into the de- fense of his Star Magic brother John Lloyd Cruz against those who misin- terpret the actor’s actions after being embroiled in a controversy recently. Jericho remarked that he is positive that the actor will overcome life’s dif- ficulties. “What else can we say about that? People make mistakes. People get pressured and you know, may mga buhay tayo di ba? Siguro siyempre ang mga tao may image at may ano tayo kay John Lloyd, di ba? Pero who’s to say na kahit sa amin nagkakamali di ba? Nagkakamali din naman kaming lahat. It may be a difficult season for him right now but I know he’s going to rise above that. I’m sure everyone will learn from this. He will learn from whatever, ganyan,” he said. Knowing him on a personal level, Jericho remarked that John Lloyd has a good heart. He added that one should never judge a person by just one mistake. “Alam ko John Lloyd is a good person. He invites me to his birthday parties and ano ganyan. But I can- not judge one person because of one thing that happened. It’s not the end of his life, his career, whatever. This is just a season that okay let’s be hon- est sarap pag-usapan nito, sarap pa- noorin nito, whatever, and even kam- ing mga artista may reak 7F'WBbR7GVǒ6BFvBFPVBbFRF6R*@Fvƒ*B@ג6&RvVv2VvW"'W@|*2*v6F*( &WBЧFW"W'6&V6W6RbFB( R7FFVBࢄ6vRW66ҐF&R6rvGFVB"֗66WfW27GVFVBGW&r76FW0v2F&Rw&VBFVbW7G&2BW7G&2ƗFW&ǒBg&VRBWFrW@V6VC2B'WGF62vW&R7G'V6vF( WF( 6vFVFFR"vF( 7WƖ( ƖvBVFW"vBV'2VV@VFFW6WFW2&VB( FW&F^( V6VB6VFVBVVƖp&V2B7FFrg&BbFR672vF&27&76VBV6BFrF6FRV&&W22B2"&bvW7FW&7VGW&7F'FBFPRbFR66GF6&&FVvGV266GW2RbFPw&VFW7BbVFWfFW'22r766FVBvFFRv&B( GV6R( W'6v27GWB"6rFV&rgFW"2FVFGW&pFRV7B&V766RbFRgF6VGW'66GF666'2Ц6VBGV6W2V'bFV"7FW"f&VBFR"6Fv7BFRWr( V~( BvW&R7V6f6ǒ6VBFFR&Wff`6766FWBFR66WVV6RbFV"G&6vV6R( GV6^( 6PFVf'7BFW&VBb&6v&FW72B67G'BVFFVǐ&6VB"f6B7FG2W7FFVB֖ƖbFRv&N( 26G&VbV'2bvR&RBGFVFr66( 2cW&6VBbFVv&2RfW"GVG2FRv&B( 27B&ƖVR( 26B&VB"w&FR&WBcbW&6VBbFV&RvVt$BtD4G6WF>( Ʋ6VRF7GW&&6RbFR&ƗGF&VBuurĕT4Uu5DD4