Philippine Asian News Today Vol 19 No 18 - Page 20

20 PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY September 16 - 30, 2017 Kundiman legend Ric Manrique, Jr. passes away Ric Manrique, Jr. has passed away. The U.S.-based singer dubbed as “King of Kundiman Songs” succumbed to a heart attack and diabetes complications last Saturday, Manila time, as announced by his children on his personal Facebook page. He was 76. “On behalf of the members of the Manrique family, we would like to thank you all for the prayers and love that you have given to our Daddy,” they posted. Born Ricardo Manrique, Jr. in 1941, he started his career as a member of the Mabuhay Singers in the 1950s. He became a national sensation in 1960 when he became a champion of the revered singing contest “Tawag ng Tanghalan” for 12 weeks. Manrique then became a successful recording artist and live performer throughout the ’60s and ’70s. Best identified with singing traditional Filipino love songs, his contemporaries included fellow legends Ruben Tagalog and Diomedes Maturan. He recorded songs in Filipino, English and Ilocano. Additionally, the singer with the smooth, distinctive baritone voice also sung the theme song of several Filipino movies, including a duet with Pilita Corrales called “Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw,” from the 1965 movie of the same title starring Fernando Poe, Jr. and Susan Roces. Paying tribute to Manrique, veteran movie scribe Lolit Solis wrote in her latest Philstar column that the King of Kundiman was also the favorite singer of the late King of Philippine Movies and would take him to serenade the woman who eventually became his bride. Over the years, Manrique would also sing the theme song of several movies starring Roces including “Florinda” and “Maruja.” From the mid- ’60s to the early ’70s, Manrique also appeared in several movies, mostly as himself or as a singer including musical films like “Christmas Holiday,” “Top Ten” “Musical Giant” and “Intensity ’70.” In later years, he would migrate to the United States with his family but would continue to make public appearances for Filipino communities. Last year, he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement award by TOPLA or The Outstanding Pilipinos in Los Angeles. Over the years, his recordings have been re-issued time and again. Today, several of those recordings including a collection of Christmas songs are now available via popular streaming service, Spotify. (Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon) Leonardo DiCaprio shares before/after photos of PH beach He’s long been known as an environmental activist, tackling the need to take action against climate change in a rousing speech he delivered when he won his first Oscar last year. So it’s no surprise that Leonardo DiCaprio placed the spotlight on the Philippines after Greenpeace tagged it as the “third biggest source of ocean plastic pollution in the world.” On Instagram, the Hollywood star shared a startling “before and after” photos from Greenpeace that showed just how polluted the beach of Manila’s Freedom Island was prior to a cleanup project. “Plastic or no plastic. Which do you prefer?” asked DiCaprio, who has donated millions of dollars through his foundation to support environmental conservation efforts. The photo was from a Greenpeace campaign, which gathered thousands of volunteers to clean Freedom Island’s beach.  The group blamed big corporations for using cheap disposable plastic to package their goods. (abs-cbn/AP) Star Magic Ball 2017 details revealed Since Star Magic is celebrating its 25th anniversary, this year’s Star Magic Ball is expected to gather not only the ABS-CBN talent center’s 300-plus pool of artists, but also past Star Magic talents like Kristine Hermosa, Heart Evangelista and Claudine Barretto. This year’s Star Magic Ball theme, according to an official statement is black and white. The ball will be held at a hotel ballroom on September 30 and v&R'&F67FVBƗfRƖfW7GREbvFƗfRF6W22ƗfR7G&V֖pWG&UGV&RBDd26֗'&"fVVBvFƖfW7GRԄBB6F6W&w&֖rEc"$vEb6g&VRfWr5dB&w&fVVBФBBFW"'FW'27V62%24$6ƖfW7GRV"BW66FR'FRf"FVV67G2v7F'BBc3'F7G26VB&RBFR66F&V'*w&WF6VvFW'fWrFR'F7G22FW6R'F*WfW&*v7BFR&Rv66pFRVrW&f&6R*( ħW7B6RƖfWFR( Ц&vǒ'6ל*Ff2WB7F"v2v6rFRFV6W"FG26ffVRF&R&F2v&PfvVB'7V6v&G2ƖR&W7BG&W76VB@6WRbFRvB**WB**FFv*V|*67FFuurĕT4Uu5DD4ФƖFV6RW&VL*Ɩ*vFvvW&f&VFW**FRWfVBv&R6VBfb'gFW''G*@'FBFRVF6fW&vRbFRWfVB2WV7FV@FVBFvfRvf"FR'F7G2F&Rg&VRF&PFV6VfW2BF'G*&W6FW2FRWFfG2BFRFFW2FR'F7G0vVB'&r"VfRvF6BfvG2BFW VWV7FVB&VBFR66VW2RFR&vǒF6FVBWfVBWfW'V"B"fFB&W&&F2