Philippine Asian News Today Vol 19 No 18 - Page 15

September 16 - 30, 2017 PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY Women and Nature: PANCIT Art Exhibit at 5050 Joyce Women and Nature, a group exhibit by the community artists of the Philippine Artists Network for Community Integrative Transformation (PANCIT) Art Collective, opens on Tuesday, October 3,  at 5:00 pm at the Still Moon Arts Studio/ Gallery at 5050 Joyce Street, a quick walk across from the Joyce Sky train Station.  The exhibit will feature not only artworks by girls to young women to mothers, but also by Migrante’s Bert Monterona, cultural educator and internationally-awarded muralist, who has been mentoring these art enthusiasts in many Sunday art workshops organized by Migrante BC.  The exhibit is also a timely celebration to mark Canada’s Women’s History Month in October. The community artists are Alda de Aza, Alex Lawal, Hessed Torres, Marella Nanodiego, Lorie Riego O, Iris O, Maylene Maranoc and Bert Monterona. At least 35 artworks are on exhibit and more than the majority are up for silent auction.  The exhibiting community artists brought their experiences and dreams onto their canvases using the images of women and/in nature. With Monterona’s guidance, these artists have discovered gifts that they thought they never had or thought were not good enough – the gifts of using paint and colour and of wielding a brush to transform empty canvases into their masterpieces. The exhibit of artists in “Women and Nature” is a must-see.  Community artist Lorie comes to the workshops with her daughter Iris and says, “Painting helps Iris focus and concentrate; she enjoys doing art and brings out the patience needed to paint.” The workshops were originally for Iris but mother Lorie has also discovered the therapeutic results of the painting sessions. The same sentiment is echoed by Alda de Aza who comes to the workshops to paint together with her son Alex who has” learned to focus” from these sessions. The public will get a chance to meet the community artists on the first opening day and on the closing day. Some art pieces will be on silent auction. Viewers will get the chance to bid on the artworks that they wish to own by entering their bids on the sheets posted beside each artwork in the gallery.