Phenomena Encountered: The Magazine Issue 3 - Page 9

the appliance back and of course, nothing was there. This is the only time that I have actually seen this little House Spirit. It is not the only time, however, that I have noticed his presence in my home.

It is a well known fact that I can leave my knitting tools and yarn an absolute mess. Yarn is all tied in knots and my needles are left unorganized. I have instances where I go to bed with my work basket in the middle of floor in total chaos. I wake up to find it tucked in its proper place with my yarn rolled up in neat balls and my needles put away. Stacks of papers I leave spread out on my coffee table at night are separated into neat little piles by morning. Looking around the high corners of my home there is not a cob web to be found despite out lack of ability to clean that high. We have a decorative shelf by the ceiling and have noticed the rare times that we are up that high; there is not a speck of dust up there to be found. These little chores being done have recently expanded out into my backyard garden. Lately the flowers that are planted in out vertical planter hanging on the fence are thriving. Usually since we have tried using it flowers die within the week. Our winter vegetable harvest is more abundant than we have ever had it despite not fertilizing the plants. Our bird feeder is often filled with us being out of bird seed all week. It was not until a very gifted psychic confirmed that it was in fact a Brownie that was haunting our home.

For the most part, life is very peaceful. Our home stayed tidy and quiet. I never realized that Brownies do have temper tantrums as well. About two years ago my husband went to Puerto Rico for four days. At the same time I was holding on to an old doll for my Aunt and Uncle since they were moving to a new home. The doll has been seen moving on its own and changing facial expressions. She scared me a bit so I kept the doll in the spare room closet. I put her on the top shelf and left her there. Over the course of the four days I heard heaps of things being knocked around in the back closet. I went to investigate what is going on. I found the doll on the floor, party napkins tossed everywhere, and oddly enough leaves. At first I thought it was the doll that was making all the noise and fuss. I put the closet back in order and left the doll on the floor. A few minutes later the noise started up again. I went back into the closet to see what was happening. Again the neat little closet was in disarray. The doll was once again in a different area than where I left her. I brought my dog in from outside to see if she would have a reaction to the doll. She was more interested in that items tossed around the closet than the “mysterious” old doll. This issue within the closet went on even after I gave the doll back to my uncle. It was not until my husband got home that the noise and chaos stopped. Another psychic explained that it was not the doll that was causes the issues. It was the Brownie that was upset that my husband was gone; that he is very attached to him and was missing him a lot. After my husband came home all of the clamor stopped as suddenly as it started.

I suggest that the next time that items in your home show up in places that you did not leave them, hear little footsteps in your attic, or see a little movement out of the corner of your eye; keep in mind that human spirits are not the only entities that become attached to locations or people. I challenge everyone reading this on researching haunting of non human ghosts. It is a chance to gain more knowledge of the unseen world.

House Brownie Haunting