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Phenomenal Encounters

Readers and fans share their unexplainable encounters with the unknown

When a loved one passes away; it can leave great hole in our hearts. However, my Sister Witch (and very possible chance we have a shared ancestor) Danelle Daloisio gave me the honor of sharing a beautiful visit she received from her long time step father, whom has since passed on to the next world. On December 22, 2017 Danelle took her rescued Pit Bull dog Lily to get her nails clipped. She did not think much of this day at first until her mother called her. Danelle’s mother reminded her that it was her step father, Anthony’s (whom she loved and he loved her in return) birthday. Danelle, then looked at her receipt for Lily’s nail trimming; the top part shows the date and time of service. The date was of course 12/22/17. The time of service was 11:11. For those whom are unaware this is an important number in Numerology. When 1111

or 11:11 are seen often throughout the day, it is to make you aware that Spirits are around you

and have an important message. The message could be just giving you a signs that Spirits (or

Angels) are keeping close to you. Or the message is the Angels are around to remind you to stay

positive and keep pushing forward. The date of 11/11 also happens to be Ms. Danelle’s birthday.

To add onto this beautiful coincidence, the grand total to the service is $11.13, which is also

Danelle and her husband’s Louis favorite number.

Danelle’s kind step father, Anthony was not just going to settle on giving her a message through Numerology, not at all. Later on, Danelle was at home cleaning with her kitty Davey in the window and Kiwi at her feet. She then heard the sound of the cat pyramid with the balls going around in the circle. When Danelle went to investigate the noise, she found that the balls inside the cat pyramid were in fact going round and round on their own. It also turns out that Anthony loved cats and would often drop of cat food for them at Danelle and Louis' home. At that moment, Danelle felt a wonderful sense of love and peace. She knows in her heart, mind, and spirit that her loving step father, Anthony came to visit her and her kitties on his birthday. I’m sure to let her know that he still loves her.

Later on Ms. Danelle messaged me as she was looking at her step fathers obituary online and realized that if her were still in the physical realm he would have been 77 years old on 12/22/17. The appearance of the important number seven is ever present in her receipt as well. Her Batch number was 70. Her amount without tax was $10.70. Her surcharge fee was $0.43 which equals seven. Not only do I believe that Mr. Anthony was making it know that he turned 77 years old, the number seven is another important number in Numerology as well. Seeing the number seven indicates that there is great change about to happen on the horizon. That a person has accomplished what the Divine wished them to in a chapter of their life and positive change is on coming for them.

I was honored to be given permission to share this story. When most hear the term “paranormal” they think demons and poltergeist. That is not always the case; one can have a brush with the unseen world, and it can be so beautiful.

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