Phenomena Encountered: The Magazine Issue 3 - Page 6

"Another experience had been when I was with Chuck investigating the Villisca House; Chelsea and I went to the cellar to investigate. I think Chelsea’s camera went dead and I let her use one of mine. It was pitch black down there but I could I could see Chelsea’s silhouette because of the moon light shining in the door. I was standing in the corner waiting for Chelsea to get done figuring out my camera. I guess she hit the flash button and it lit the whole cellar up for a few seconds. Chelsea was still looking at her camera when I saw an image of her, besides her looking straight in the side of her face. I jumped up and yelled “Holy fucking shit”, and to my knowledge I’ve never been startled to scream. I do believe Chelsea’s arm got red on her shoulder.”

When I tell people about my fascination with the paranormal and that I do investigations myself (on a rather small scale), I get asked why I do it. My answer is always because death is a part of life that we don’t fully understand. It is a huge part of our very existence yet our understanding of it is very limited. I want to learn more and bring some understanding into our life after death. I would love nothing more to come into contact is a lost spirit and help him/her cross over and find piece. I believe that is why most people do it, to find answers to the age old questions. There are a few charlatans out there that are in it for the fame and glamor. However, I firmly believe those people are far and few between. David one of those people that are in this field for all the right reasons. I asked David what his ultimate goal or reason why he continues to investigate.

“I keep doing this to hope one day to be able to discover a theory that someone can’t explain. I would like to be able to make an impact were something could be called the Graham Effect; named after me. I think that is the drive too. I don’t think we will ever have an exact answer to the afterlife but I would love to be able to put a stamp on the category so maybe one day when someone can say, “The Graham Effect says…”

David now can add author to his list of occupations. His new book Paranormal Traveler is now available on Amazon. At this time the book has a five star rating on Amazon. In Paranormal Traveler, David shares series of stories, experiences, and paranormal theory that he has formed throughout his years of investigating and researching the paranormal. It is a fascinating read for veteran and amateur investigators alike. Those with just mere passing interest in the paranormal world will also find this book an intense and thought provoking read. When asked as to what inspired him to write this book, David explains.

“The book was just a process of my mental state was worn out and I needed a release. I don’t mind that if anyone has an opinion and ghost are a hard to swallow subject. However, t it was getting to a point that it seemed I was defending it as anyone would their own religion. I guess the supernatural is my religion and I have obvious evidence that it exists. So I just want to spread the knowledge and in the middle of my theories I have some great stories in between.”

I am honored that Mr. David Graham agreed to speak with me and open up about some of his personal experiences behind the veil, where so many are fearful to take a glance at. Mr. Graham is a great man with passion and integrity. I do hope that he allows me to make another coverage piece on him if and when the day The Graham Effect becomes a thing.