Phenomena Encountered: The Magazine Issue 3 - Page 5

used before so naturally I asked if he could elaborate a bit and share is technique.

Witching rods was basically to find water, unmarked graves all sorts of stuff. Farmers use to use them all the time. I use them to get a basic yes/no answer from whom ever I’m communicating with to guide me where they want me. In cemeteries I would ask several yes/no questions and to find out who I was talking to. I would eventually get their date of birth and date of deaths. I will start with 100 years then go down to 50 then 25 to 10 to eventually going by single digits till it gives me a yes answer. Then I ask male or female and what direction to point the sticks for each. Then I go row by row and let them point me in the direction until X marks the spot. I’ve been a 100 percent with these; I’ve even told people there birth dates that I didn’t know. They seem to help bring a higher power and have had better audio success after using them. With six years of experience under his belt David has encountered all kinds of spirits, from the demonic, child spirits, to the just plain grumpy. David was kind enough to share his views and some intense moments in his investigations, including his recent work with Chuck Banks at the infamous Villisca Ax Murder House.

“Yes I have made contact with a demonic entities, but demon I don’t think can just take over your body, there is more to it, it has to be invited in and you let it take over, I think they can back door there way or loop hole there way but it’s not very likely , when I say Backdoor I mean like an Ouija because your inviting it in. Say a druggy or a alcoholic that is in a bad way unknowingly invites it in, but I don’t think it’s a common thing as everyone thinks, the grumpy ghost, some people are just genuine assholes in life and nobody likes being around, I just don’t think there attitude changes after death; David on the controversial child spirits.”

I don’t like them, I get a weird vibe. I think they are a ruse for something else. If you go traditional Biblical rules; children get a free golden ticket. Despite some of the kids I know. I have come across several, they have been the only entity that has given me the creeps, and I think they are something else, sharing an intense experience during an investigation.

“There was a house that used to be a old civil war hospital, I think that they would send the important people there like the colonel or sergeants like that, when we entered the house the environment was right, it couldn’t been wrote in a book any better, dark stormy night , lightning and thunder . It was a creepy old house on the hill with no street lights or anything. The only lights I had were from the lightning in the sky or our flash lights. I most of the time do my investigations on my own but in this night I had my brother helping me, as soon as we entered the house. You could tell that the house was alive; we just kind of stood there and soaked everything in. The floors were the old wooden floors and it sounded like someone was being drug across the floor up stairs. So my brother and I started going from room to room setting up all the equipment. Usually I use just a hand full of things but on this night I wanted to pull everything out. I got done putting the motion lights in the hall way and I had tape recorders in each of the active rooms. So during set up I notice a motion light going off in the hall upstairs. You got to be pretty close to them to set them off. My hands were taping the recorder to the wall in the room and I had a small flash light in my mouth. All of a sudden it felt like I was punched, upper cut style and the flash light cut my mouth open from one side of my gum to the other. Luckily I keep a small camera on me just in case my regular camera stops and then I got one of the creepiest pictures I ever caught, The Villisca Ax Murder House.