Phenomena Encountered: The Magazine Issue 3 - Page 15

special interview

Mrs. "R", ufo contactee

“Each one is different. Sometimes I would go aboard a craft in a beam of light. Other times on a table type light. Other times I was prepped in a gel such as in 1997, up in Maine with the use of DNA. Now, that’s really interesting. They (the Crafts/ET’s) are interdimensional. Matter comes into being through sound, light, crystal, and color. They use everything. They know how to use space and how to intertwine dark matter. It’s all usable.”

Mrs. “R” even continues on in discussing her encounters with different species and even Angels.

“I have never seen an Angel require a craft, but E.Ts require a craft. What they do have in common is the ability to appear and disappear. Angels have a holy sense of presence. Their energy signature is very different as well. They also have wings. I have never seen an E.T. with wings. Some ET’s are considered ugly, but it’s best not to describe them as ugly, it hurts their feelings. The Reptilian race is rather scary. It is very different in their ‘frequency’ use of telepathic ability. They all are intertwined here on our planet and have been here for a very long time. They have the capacity for both good and bad. They have chosen their own agenda with other races here on Earth. My understanding has really changed in terms of the Biblical view, but, it has not changed my faith in God or Jesus Christ. It has changed my understanding of history, how it has been told to us and how we think we understand it.”

With all these experiences that she has had over the years, it would make sense to me for Mrs. “R”’s faith become stronger than ever, and increase in knowledge. She acknowledges this to be true.

“Yes, especially after watching an E.T acknowledge Christ before he passed. That was a ‘Biggy’ for me. I grew up with an entity that referred to himself as ‘The Friendly One.’ Somewhere around 2006, he made contact again and wanted me to consider going to a meeting. I didn’t understand it at the time, but he wanted me to be a part of a meeting between E.T.s known as Alliance Groups. During my teaching at an Arts School, I would come home at 3:30 in the afternoon and take a nap. One afternoon, as I was at the foot of my bed taking my shoes off, the E.T appeared and told me not to cry. He had, what we would think of is cancer, and was shriveled up and looked very gray. He was dying and came to me to say thank you and didn’t want me to cry at his passing. He thanked me for helping him develop and experience his emotions. Then, he said that he knew Jesus Christ and He was there where he was going.”

I was honored that Mrs. “R” would share such a beautiful moment with me; it’s amazing that her faith could be confirmed in just a magnificent manner. I had to move forward and find out something I’ve always wondered: Why are they here? What is the ultimate goal?

“There are many. The answer differs from researcher to researcher. From Christian to Christian. For me, I have not experienced a traumatic abduction which has left me in a traumatic state. My experiences since childhood have been more of the positive nature… Learning about the crafts, being aboard them, traveling in space and experiencing only a small degree of contact with various species. Some of them are not beneficial for Mankind. Others are very beneficial and good for Humanity. The agenda varies from species to species. It’s harder for us to understand the agendas, the development, the physics, and the dynamic of everything because we are in a lower density. The Grays have an agenda and they are often ruled over by the Reptilian Race. The Reptilians have interbred with the Human Race so there are some good ones. The Golden Ones, which I grew up with, had their agenda with me, to teach, guide, be with me, and introduce me to other species.”

It seems to me that in many ways the Extra Terrestrials are not much different than humans. They are all capable of great good and evil. They all have their own free will and desires of what they wish to accomplish in this world and the next. There are some that are living among humans; paying bills, going to work, exc. The cloaking technology that they use to blend in with humans is already available here on Earth to us. I’m sure it would a very scary experience to witness someone that you work with or live next door to change into a Reptilian or other type of E.T. This Universe is vast, and we may never discover all of its mystery’s. However, do not be fooled into thinking that mysterious E.T. Species are living in galaxies and dimensions far-far away. No, they could be living down the street from you. They could be buying coffee from you. Who they are and what they want is not always the same from species to species. They are all still individuals with their own minds and free will. Do not wonder if they are here or not. They most certainly are; however, it would be wise to wonder if they are watching you...