Phenomena Encountered: The Magazine Issue 3 - Page 14

special interview

mrs. "r", ufo contactee

“It began around seven. The contacts happened in two places: behind my home, and in Georgia on my grandfather’s estate. In the back pasture area where I grew up, there was a dimensional area set up to where I would walk into it with the E.T.s. There was also a prep period that took place. I would keep my clothes on at night as a child; go through the window and to the back yard. That is when I would go through the preparation, take the hand of the E.T., and walk through the wavy, dimensional line. It was like a training session. There were’ touch and goes’ just like we have here. The E.T.s would fly the crafts and the military were there to watch the development of the children. They decided who they were going to use and not use in whatever program. I do not know what those programs were. We do know now that there is a secret space program which exists outside of NASA. It’s extensive and we have already colonized much of our solar system. That will be made known at some point. As a child, I didn’t understand any of it. I just grew up with it. You could see into the future and you were told certain things.”

This is all very heavy for me to take in. Other areas of what is called “paranormal” I have full compression and understanding of the theories, schools of thought, and how it all is a part of our world as we know it. Throughout this interview I am hanging onto every world and making notes even though I have a digital recorder, to try and fully understand of what she and many others have gone through. I found myself wondering if one really has to experience such things first hand in order to have a grasp of this reality.

“There is a complete difference between the Angelic Realm and ET’s. Their message and growth within your spiritual development is different. However, an encounter with an Extra Terrestrial as well as the Craft does open portals for both good and bad. You experience a growth within your psychic abilities. Sometimes, in a short period, or, if you already have these abilities, it becomes more extensive. They don’t give you your spiritual gifts. You just experience certain things and it develops. For example, one of the things that I would learn, when I was growing up, was how to literally jump off a particular height. You would calculate and work the math of how you would float down. I don’t know how to explain it other than that. It’s there, it’s real, you use it. I can’t say that I still have that, but I do remember that as a child. I do remember the military was there to watch. As you asked earlier, “Why certain people?”. I think my creativity and my ability to have creative energy. With that in mind, I think the E.T.s enjoyed being around me because...maybe I was fun. The military did not choose me. The E.T.s did. I was not in the Pegasus Program or any of that.”

Now each of Mrs. “R”’s experiences would be different or what they would have her do during her encounters. It turns out the activities that she did was not the only thing that differed from encounter to encounter. Sometimes how she would get to a location would be different as well.