Phenomena Encountered: The Magazine Issue 3 - Page 13

special interview

mrs. "r", ufo contactee

difference between the evolution of Mankind and the evolution of E.T.s. I use E.T.s as an overall term but they do have names. They also use overall terms like ‘’The Negotiator’ or ‘The Friendly One’ which was my contact all my years.

I have always been interested in UFOs, abduction stories, and the possibilities of being visited by advanced species. Why would they come here? Did they help early humans build ancient civilizations? Are they spiritual as well? What are they seeking to advance in their work?

“What changed a lot of my perspective was that I never shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my encounters with E.Ts. They were totally different from the Angelic Realm. Angels do have gorgeous wings. They are from above, they’re huge, and they have an energy signature which is quite different from that of the E.Ts. Their mission and their agendas are different and wide. I understand from the scientific community, the UFO community, and the Christian community, everybody’s concept differs. I know there are certain scientists that believe that they are all demonic and certain Christians believe that they are all demonic. Then there are some that don’t even believe in Angels and E.T.s. When I speak, my table is: “God Is. E.Ts are”. Let’s go from there. I have no desire to debate the issue. Let’s discuss our personal experiences and try to come to an understanding of why things happen as they do and relate to the science of it. To me there is no difference. God created everything, so why do we divide spiritual between the science of the scientist and the science of the spiritual. We have a mathematical universe.”

I have also wondered how E.T.s choose the humans that they interact with or visit. Is there a screening process that they conduct before they make contact with a human or is all done randomly? How does humanity help them in their universal work? Mrs. “R” was kind enough to enlighten me in her understandings and experiences.

“In UFOology, research in contact has been done extensively by Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner here in Florida and many other researchers across the country. The research has shown that many times it is generational, or it had to do with what you are born with such as a person who is born with an ability like Clairvoyance and is willing to grow that ability, or their own acceptance and use of that ability. Also, what I believe, is the sovereignty of the Creator/Great Spirit which should be acknowledged. In the Gospel of John, Chapter 4, Jesus Himself refers to God as Spirit. In scientific terminology it is called energy.”

Many different words to describe the same thing; it just depends on who you are speaking to. Mrs. “R”, really captivated me early in this interview. I never really thought of experiences with E.T.s or UFO as anything that could be spiritual. I have also thought of this branch of paranormal research as strictly scientific. However, she has really opened my eyes to this spiritual side of E.T. Encounters. I found myself not really asking a whole lot of questions as per my unusual. Instead I became eager just to sit, listen, and learn from her.

“The soul does need to acknowledge the Light or the Dark. We do have spiritual forces, people and E.T.s can accept one or the other. They do have a choice, except for a robotic or an Artificial Intelligence. That is a little different. I don’t know how they develop. It really is a matter of education, it truly is. If you go on the Internet, there are a lot of truthful things out here. It is not a conspiracy theory to study or acknowledge something. The majority of what is considered a conspiracy theory is actual truth. The Chemical Trails left by aircraft, (Chem Trails) are true. There are scientists out there who are studying this. A good perspective and overall video of the UFO subject matter is called: “The Hidden Hand.”

Mrs. “R” also recommended me to attend a few MUFON meetings that are local in my area to gain a better understand and knowledge in this field. MUFON was established in 1969 by a group of scientists and researchers who wanted to continue the education and the study of UFOs. Mrs. “R” also believes that one of the best writers is reporter, Jim Mars. (He passed recently) She feels that he and many others have written great material on the subject of UFOs. Learning about the history and techniques in UFO research is one thing. Learning about the physical encounters with E.T.s is a whole other study. I asked Mrs. “R” if she would share what it was like during her contact with E.T.s.