Phenomena Encountered: The Magazine Issue 3 - Page 12

special interview

mrs. "r", ufo contactee

One area of the Paranormal Research world that I have limited knowledge and experience in is UFOology. For this reason, I often seek out others who are knowledgeable in the field to share what evidence and data they have gathered over the years. I was fortunate to come in contact with someone with greater experience than the usual UFO research. Mrs. “R” is a lifelong Contactee. She has been kind enough to share her experiences and was indeed an honor to speak with her.

Mrs. “R” was born in Virginia and is 66 years old. She spent all her life (Not in the paranormal because it has always been normal for her) with certain abilities. “R” grew up in a strong, loving, Christian home and Jesus Christ is her Lord and Savior. She attends church regularly and is happily married. All of these aspects of “R” are beautiful and fulfilling. However, there is more to her than meets the eye. She has been gifted with the ability to see what lies beyond The Veil. She has been blessed to have always had a family that encouraged, accepted, and helped her with her abilities. Mrs. “R” and her family listened to each other, and most importantly of all, prayed together. As many gifted people realize that a lot of times, without support, abilities can fade away if they are not cultivated. While she was going up, many of her gifts were used to save another person’s life.

“Having a dream, a waking vision, or a simple sense of knowing, my parents always paid attention. It was always about saving a life or having a knowing of something happening in the future. Also, within my life time, I grew up having contact with what is referred to, as Aliens (even though they don’t like that) or Extra Terrestrials. I do not know how many species there are. I have not been aboard all of these crafts. I’ve only been on the round, silver ones. There were military involved. So, this was all common for my life. My mother, before she passed, acknowledged and told me about how they would pick me up. She would go to the door with me. I remember most of my waking hour encounters.” (This was my Mother’s memory of Encounter. It took a while to process this information because it was new. My waking hour memories were different)

All of this is really amazing to me. Never, have I heard of such experiences in documentaries over the years where one’s parents are aware of the encounters and actively work with E.T. This is a fascinating story to me and I’m sure that there are many more people out there, that are unable to come forward, that are having similar experiences.

“All of these kinds of things were common in my life and are still happening. Including, with my husband. I am not just a believer in something. An Experiencer, is someone who acknowledges that something exists. I understand it from the Biblical point of view and I understand it from the Paranormal point of view. The Angelic Realm is just as real. In my experience, there is a difference between the evolution of Mankind and the evolution of E.T.s. I use E.T.s as an overall term but they do have names. They also use overall terms like ‘’The Negotiator’ or ‘The Friendly One’ which was my contact all my years.

I have always been interested in UFOs, abduction stories, and the possibilities of being visited by advanced species. Why would they come here? Did they help early humans build ancient civilizations? Are they spiritual as well? What are they seeking to advance in their work?

“What changed a lot of my perspective was that I never shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my encounters with E.Ts. They were totally different from the Angelic Realm. Angels do have gorgeous wings. They are from above, they’re huge, and they have an energy signature which is quite different from that of the E.Ts. Their mission and their agendas are different and wide. I