F E AT U R E Dr. Sameeh M. Abu Tarbush, the Chair of Veterinary Medicine Department, College of Food and Agriculture at UAEU, talks to Petigree Magazine about the Veterinary Medicine degree offered at the university. By Mohammed Ali Sadi BECOMING A QUALIFIED VET IN THE UAE: MORE THAN JUST POSSIBLE In a country, which is home to numerous animals, where animals vary from endangered in the wild to domestic at home, it does not take a genius to figure out that vet clinics are found in decent numbers. Animals, in fact, are directly related to some aspects of the very culture that the UAE follows like falconry, horse- riding and camel-riding. It is relevant to say here that this culture and its closeness to certain animals imply that focus on animal care has been around for decades. Following the importance of animal resources to the country, the vets here are also qualified to provide quality medical care which is one of the reasons why credentials and certificates are required by the authorities to issue a vet license. The animal health industry in UAE is witnessing a gradual and steady growth, with Abu Dhabi Food Control 08 Authority (ADFCA) approving projects to open various vet labs and clinics in the Emirate since October 2013. These will further testify the growth of this field in the country. Guide to be a licensed vet To become a licensed vet in UAE, there are certain steps a qualified professional in the field needs to follow. As per the guidelines by the UAE’s Ministry of Environment and Water, a form has to be filled by every individual willing to be able to practice which also requires a fee depending on the type of practitioner the individual wants to be, from Veterinary specialist to an assistant. Once that is done, all you need to do is to wait for your electronic license to be issued. This issuing service is valid for any professional in the field aiming to work in designated places ranging from a farm to clinics and pet stores. Apart from filling out the form, there are some documents that individuals need to provide. A copy of education certificate from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, a copy of passport for proof of a valid residence visa, photographs and a copy of qualification and experience certificate that has to be attested by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates. According to the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water, the specified qualification criterion is as follows: