R E V I E W S APP REVIEW MY BOO My Boo has become the talk of the town in a short span of time. With so many apps available for users to enjoy, My Boo seems to take lead in the group of virtual pets. Boo is adorably waiting for you to dress, feed, teach, clean and pamper him. Unlike real pets, it is much easier to teach your Boo some crazy tricks. To make the app more interesting, developers have also included exciting mini games in it. Do you like to dress to impress? This could be a great chance for you to try new looks on your Boo and share the best moments with your friends. Majority of the app’s users have called My Boo addictive, fun and adorable. My Boo is available on Apple App Store for free. Call: +971 50 566 51 56 (I\+OHIP»ZÄYZ[ZHSVUZWLJPÄJHSS` KLZPNUH[LKMVYKVNNYVVTPUNPU 4)A>LJH[LY[VHSSIYLLKZVM JHUPULLTWSV`PUNO\THUL  WLYZVUHSPaLK[LJOUPX\LZ[VTHRL `V\YKVNHZJVTMVY[HISLJVU[LU[ WYL[[`HZWVZZPISL /LHK:[`SPZ[:HTLYPZHKVNSV]LY KVNV^ULYHUK<2JLY[PÄLKKVN NYVVTLY @poochAUH @PoochParlour United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, P.O.Box: 61182, 07