R E V I E W S TITLE: Of Tigers & Men: Entering the Age of Extinction AUTHOR: Richard Ives Reviews by: Sadaf Hassan With dynamic and rich narrative, Richard Ives makes this factual book read like a good imaginary tale. Sadly, there is nothing imaginary about the dreadful condition of tigers. The book is one of a kind and distinguishes itself in many ways amongst the many books written on world of nature and warnings about the loss of it. The writer’s prediction is that persistent population growth and the increase of human settlement will cause the tiger in the wild to extinct within 25 years or so. Along with that, he feels the extinction is surely going to happen and that nothing can stop it. That clear- cut and blunt conclusion on its own makes Mr. Ives’s book worthy of attention. Even though it’s majorly about tigers, it also speaks on behalf of several species on our planet that are near to the point of no return. There are many phases of this book. The author will keep you entertained with travel stories and you will get to know a lot about foreign cultures. Mr. Ives will also amaze you with his knowledge and you will surely complete this book with a determination to save the tigers from extinction! VIDEO REVIEW Link: The Purrrfect Present Animals can get into the holiday celebrations as much as humans do, or maybe even more. Seems like Flippy the cat is really enjoying the holiday season, so much that he does not mind being wrapped as a Christmas present himself! Watch how patiently he sits while the owner wraps him neatly and safely into the gift wrapper. Want to gift someone a cat for Christmas this year? Now you know how to make it look as good as any other Christmas present under their tree. 06